TSG Hoffenheim vs Borussia Dortmund: Petersen Explains VAR Decision After Review in 50th Minute

The 50th minute of the video game ran in the game in between TSG Cofferdam and also Borussia Dortmund. According to Julian Brandt's objective, BVB led 1-0, but the Kraichgauer came fearlessly from the break and also had the ability to anticipate a free kick in an appealing placement after a nasty as a result of a battle in between Eyre Can and also Kevin Akpoguma. However, this was not executed, rather, referee Martin Petersen got to the ear, there was contact after Perfume and also in the end no complimentary kick and likewise not a charge, however referee ball.

What happened?

In the duel on the left in the charge location, Can opponents Akpoguma, that transforms in an outward direction, satisfies the bottom of the sole as well as after that has his hands on the upper body of the Oppenheimer, which decreases.


Referee Petersen picks cost-free kick for the TSG.

Petersen clarifies his decision

Petersen on the field had actually thought about a free as well as corrective kick, the referee described the scene at Skies.

After that the VAR checked as well as found that the get in touch with occurred within and also there was additionally a minor foot get in touch with. As a result of this objection from video clip assistant Daniel Sch lager, Petersen chose to consider the scene in the review area. There he saw that pressing is not nearly enough for a fine as well as likewise not the foot get in touch with, which was more contact below the sole. In total amount, this was inadequate for the 37-year-old, so I pertained to the conclusion in the long run: the pressing is not sufficient, but likewise the foot contact is inadequate. So Petersen took back his original decision foul as well as continued the video game with a referee round.

Dortmund understanding

The scene was examined differently among the events entailed. This is not at a pace. I am, he stands, and he takes the call a lot later, claimed Can, applauding the decision made by Petersen in the evaluation area, due to the fact that in my viewpoint such a scene should never ever be fine. His trainer Edwin Eric additionally found it the absolutely ideal decision as well as validated it as follows: If you see just how Akpoguma remains to defend the sphere. Even he had instantly felt that it was not a nasty that suffices. There was consequently applaud for Petersen: There are few umpires that have the courage not to offer the charge.

Cofferdam incomprehension

Certainly, the Hoffenheimers rated the scene differently, since it would have been the wonderful opportunity for the essential equalizer. I am straightforward, it is a nasty for me. I simply didn't recognize that I remained in package, stated Akpoguma and described the duel from his perspective: He touches me on the foot and also gives me another press from above, For me, it is an extremely clear foul. When Petersen entered the testimonial area, the protector asked himself what is he checking now? As well as when I was actually in the sixteen, it is a charge. It turned out in different ways. His trainer Pelegrín Matarazzo, who needed to approve the 3rd loss in the 3rd video game as a TSG instructor, can not comprehend the choice. It was clear to the coach: He fulfilled him. Therefore, the 45-year incomprehension prevailed: I still require a specific details. As a reason for the defeat, Akpoguma did not wish to accept the scene in the 50th min of play: We had enough possibilities to score an objective without a charge. In the long run, however, it did not function and the adverse series continues. The Kraichgauer have actually been awaiting a win throughout competitors for 13 games.