The Unstoppable Zeus Kralik Defeats Polar Squad, Keeping The Undefeated Streak At Golden League's Colombian

A new date within the history of the Golden League begins with great confrontations that show the opportunity to take the points inside the tournament, after seeing a few days before that things were very interesting, things got intense because a single squad maintains The undefeated at the tip of the table to keep the first place. The first contest would be Polar Squad before Zeus Kali with an even start, but that gradually changes the situation on the side of the lions that take control of the situation with a virus in the hands of Foxy that throws very precise arrows to be able to punish the Rivals to take the advantage in his favor thus achieving the first victory.

During the second game the lions team shows their fangs very intensely so as not to let the rivals get the hands thanks to the Laocoon Leblanc that becomes lethal on each occasion that appears on the map to be able to leave the favorable things to the Kali squad and thus obtain the 2-0 at night. For the second fight we have RAM Awake Gaming against Team Mayan ESports with the two teams showing a fairly even game of both sides where the Awakening team took the lead in murders but the Mayan squad would have the ability to turn around In a team fight that would be crucial to take the victory.


In the second fight the mental of the Mayan squad would rise with the result of the previous that could end the game in their favor. In this way the date ends within the Colombian League with a Kali team that marks a blunt result to keep it's undefeated inside the competition and tie with the fire squad, now it will be taken a few days off and prepare for the next date that will be as exciting as last to determine the destination of the table.