The Day Before: How The Post-Apo MMO Failed To Capture Players' Attention

The release of The Day Before (whose name should alter) is anticipated for November 10, 2023, if the video game is not canceled already...

Far the time when The Day Before was still dreaming of players. For numerous months, this MMO Postal that has actually belonged to The Last of Us and The Division has destroyed its opportunities of remaining in the Wishlist of Steam players. While we learned a post movement of 8 months ago for reasons of name changes, the FANTASTIC studio has simply surreptitiously let go of a 10-minute video of gameplay where nothing is taking place on the screen.


It is a long series in which a young soldier with a little too tight leggings walk through a city completely emptied of its residents. The artistic direction is generic as possible, the gameplay does not offer anything fascinating, and the zombies have an AI entirely in the strawberries.

We do not understand excessive about what is happening in the heads of the designers, but this gameplay sequence will undoubtedly generate a wave of refund with the players a sensible minimum. We invest more time pondering the sets and personalizing our weapons than doing something interesting in this surrealist series. For some, it is already the rip-off of the year.