Shrek 5: A Return of the Green Cultoger

Shrek is no doubt a cult figure of the Web. 4 films, 2 spin-offs and endless quantity of memes have developed the brand around the Over rock festival in pop culture. But while the second spin-off has actually just recently concerned the movie theater with the booted hangover 2, the fourth Shrek film was over twelve years back. Despite lots of speculations, it was relatively peaceful for several years a possible 5th part. An interview that the star Antonio Banderas just recently provided might cause some hope.

Band eras speaks the booted hangover in the English version of the film.

do we see Shrek 5?

With regard to the concern of sequels to the deep-deeped hangover and the efficiency of widely known characters, Band eras replies in an interview with This does not depend on me, usually sequels are determined by the audience. [] If you go to the cinema in large quantities, as you are currently finishing with the booted hangover, then this could possibly cause another movie with the booted hangover. Or, as the movie shows at the end when you see far away that she will check out some old pals at the end of the film-visiting and simple. I don't know there are several ways to continue for these characters, however that does not depend on me, somewhere it is in the hands of the audience. Band eras had currently suggested in December throughout the Red Sea Movie Celebration that Shrek was supposed to return to the cinema. There is presently no official announcement or confirmation from DreamWorks. The business needs to not have escaped both the positive reviews for the movie and the financial success of the 2nd strip. Screen rant highlights that the 5th Shrek film has appeared to be in development considering that 2016.


At the time, Eddie Murphy revealed that a script for the movie was currently ended up. ComicBookmovie throws the alternative into the room that Shrek 5 could perhaps be revealed according to the Oscars. After all, the booted hangover 2 was nominated in the Finest Animated Feature Movie category.

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In the film landscape, Marvel and DC in particular are presently making headings. While Marvel with Ant-Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy 3 has two brand-new MCU films in the pipeline, fans are eagerly awaiting more announcements for the brand-new DCU. James Gun and Peter Saran lastly represent the new double management in the DC cosmos. Sources: ComicBookMovie, Rarities, Screen rant, Oscars To web page Share remarks 0 in Twitter Share Article