Shinsegae Teaser Release!

Various works have been developed, but many fans are still one of the leading titles. The new Latin series has revealed it.

Level 5 unveiled the latest work of the Latin series, 'Professor Leighton and Steam New World' teaser through Nintendo online showcase Nintendo Direct. This video begins with the appearance of archaeologist Human Leighton, who walks in the background of the city reminiscent of the steampunk worldview. After the screen zoom, Professor Leighton looked back and smiled with a hat.

Since then, Level 5 has shown the title of the game that matches the title of the game, and the title of this film, `` Professor Leighton and Steam New World, '' and showed the phrase that a new mystery will soon return.

It's a short teaser of 20 seconds, but as many fans have been waiting for the new work, it's also expected to be released. Although information such as the release date was not disclosed, the level 5 said the work will be released through the Nintendo Switch.


The Latin series, starting with a strange village launched as Nintendo DS, a collaboration title, cartoon, novel, theater animation, and the daughter of Professor Leighton, Layton Mystery Journey, and the conspiracy of the seven major pubs. I have introduced the work.

However, the story of Hus's Chan Lyon, which has the original mysterious game system that solves various problems and plays the game, has been completed in 3DS and has not been able to lead to the new work for a while. As a result, this work is expected to see what time and what will be fans.