Overcome the Construction Chief in Scars Above - Tips and Strategies for Winning Boss Fights

The most complicated fights in Scars Above are all bosses, which force players to use their combined weapons to win. However, one of these depends completely on the players remember the mechanics taught at the beginning of the game. Here is exactly how to overcome the construction chief in Scars ABOVE.

scars above the construction head strategy

The construct chief is first found in the snow biome after having visited Hermes, a little more than half of Scars Above. The fight will take place at the top of a frozen lake, which should be your first clue according to the environmental lessons you learned recently. The boss will jump, but you will want to stay near where he lands. When stopping, shoot the ice using the fire gun under three of its legs to break the ice underneath and drop it into the water.

Image source: Mad Head Games through Once submerged mostly, the electrical components will leave the body of the construct. At this point, take over to damage these weak points and cause mass damage. Image source: Mad Head Games through This is the whole strategy for this part of the fight because once you get the construct to reach half of its health, it will escape. The second part of the fight will not last a little longer, but you will know the sand at the time you see it, since once again it is just a huge frozen lake. The construct will have been cured completely, but it will not be more difficult than before, so repeat the process of dropping the legs through ice. Once again, the fight will evolve once you reduce the boss in half of his health. It will jump out of the water and in several areas embedded above around the area. At this point, do not focus on The Construct at all. You can harm Vera, but it will be mediocre at best, and it will take eternity. Instead, it points to Vera to the same white circles you used to open doors at the beginning of the game, where the construct is sitting. You will want to be fast because it will not remain in a place for a long time. Image source: Mad Head Games through Once you hit all white circles, the construct will fall to the bottom and once again allow free blows in its electrical components. This should be feasible in a single cycle, and there should be no health left after this. With that, the boss is defeated, and you can scan it to get your rewards.


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