Missing Something? Here's A Guide To Collecting All 46 Trophies In Hogwarts Legacy

The collectors of the trophies in the Hogwarts Heritage will have many trophies.


There will be 46 of them in total, and for those who are concerned about the potential loss of some trophies during passage, fortunately, only four of these trophies can be missed in one passage. This is due to the design of the game, since you can choose only one Hogwarts faculty, which you will belong during each passage: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin. Read on to find out more.

What trophies can be missed in Hogwarts Legacy?

The trophies that can be skipped in Hogwarts Legacy: Gryffindor in the cemetery, wise owl, toast over the city of Aurora.

Each of these achievements is awarded when you reach the cartographic chamber for the first time, but only one will be given for passing depending on which faculty of Hogwarts you got at the beginning of the game. To collect all these trophies, you will need to start at least four passage, one for each house, and then get to the room. Fortunately, this moment is achieved quite early in history, so you can quickly pass three partial passages, and then collect the remaining trophies in the last full game. To collect the rest of the list of achievements, you will need to go through the game 100%, including the search for all collecting items scattered in the game, as well as unlocking each spell. You will also need to complete all the side quests in the game if you want to get this platinum trophy. Fortunately, all this can be done in history, if you are so inclined. None of these trophies requires complexity. Want to know more about our report about Hogwarts's Heritage? Find out how to tie your Harry Potter fan club and WB Games account for Hogwarts Legacy either to contact Hogwarts Legacy support, or send a request here in Pro Guides.