Kim Taek-jin to Receive 17.5 Billion Won in Dividends from NCsoft - [City]

Kim Taejon, CEO of NC soft, is expected to receive 17.5 billion won in dividends.

On the 8th, NC soft announced that the dividend per share was decided at 6,680 won. Dividend decisions will be confirmed at the general meeting of shareholders on March 29. The learning rate is 1.5%.

2,628,000 shares owned by Kim Taejon, CEO of NC soft's largest shareholder. In a simple calculation, Kim Taejon will receive 17.55 billion won. Last year, Kim Taejon received a total of 15.4 billion won for 5,860 won per share. This year, Kim Taejon's dividends increased 13.6% year-on-year.

According to the recent quarterly report of NC soft, shareholders of more than 5%of stocks consist of PIF (public investment fund, 9.3%), Net marble (8.9%), and National Pension Service (7.5%). PIF is a Saudi Arabian sovereign wealth fund. Prince Mohamed Bin Salman is led.

Dividends will be paid 13.5 billion won, Net marble 13 billion won, and National Pension Service 10.9 billion won.


NC soft has established dividend policy from 2022 to 2024 to improve shareholder value. NC soft allocates 30%of its annual income per year within the scope of dividend payouts during this period.