Todd Howard says that Starfield benefits from being an exclusive

Star field is one of the most anticipated games of the following year. In this way, Todd Howard, its director, has had the opportunity to talk about some aspects of this title, including its exclusivity in Xbox Series X | s for consoles, pointing out that not going out in PS5 has helped its developing.

In a recent interview in the Led Friedman Podcast, Howard not only had the opportunity to talk about how extensive Star field, and the fact that the solar systems we can visit will have a different difficulty, but the director addressed the issue of Exclusivity, pointing out that this has benefited the development of the game.

Howard has pointed out that Microsoft's acquisition has made it easier to focus only on a console and PC, instead of in different pieces of hardware. Along with this, he affirms that Xbox has helped the game look the best possible in series X | s, this by providing the best possible engineers. However, it was also mentioned that an exclusivity of this type can be negative for users.

In this way, some fans' concerns have disappeared, and now we only have to wait for the release date of this delivery, since, for the moment, Star field is planned to reach the Xbox Series X | S and PC at some point in 2023. On related issues, Xbox shares more information about the release date of the game. Similarly, Phil Spencer talks about the decision to delay this title.


Editor's note:

This position should not be a surprise. Although there are many similarities between the PS5 and the Xbox Series X | S, focusing only on a console makes the development much easier, since there is no need to optimize certain aspects for the small differences between the two pieces of hardware.