The Long-Standing Poppy Bug Has Left League Players Raging

Riot Games' latest patch for League of Legends has been met with controversy as players have noticed a bug that has been present for some time now - the Poppy bug. Players are understandably frustrated and have taken to social media and Reddit to voice their concerns about the state of the game. In this article, we will delve deeper into what this bug is and how it affects the game.

On top of that, players have chimed in on the discussion in the comments, mentioning a variety of other Poppy bugs. Among them declares the hatbox on her Keepers Verdict is irregular, and the bugs make it Union to play the champ.

Regardless of this bug apparently remaining in the game given that April, Riot has yet to fix the issue.

Poppy mains have been asking Riot Games to fix one significant bug in League of Legends-- however to no get.

Poppy hasn't received any changes considering that Spot 12.16, which nerfed her Hammer Shock (Q). It stays to be seen when Riot will attend to the bug and fix the champion.

The player obviously reported this issue to Riot an overall of 4 times, but they still have not received a reaction.


A gamer published a demonstration of the Poppy bug on Leagues Subreddit on Dec. 19. Poppy's supreme, Keepers Verdict, need to have a knock-up of at least one second, but the player proved when it's not charged, it lasts for around 0.65 seconds.

In the clip, the gamer utilized the ability on a few champions, showcasing they were only knocked up for in between 0.6 and 0.7 seconds. The player also indicated the Patch 12.8 notes from April 27, which declare to have actually increased the duration of the CC from 0.75 seconds to one second.

The gamer included that it takes exactly one second for Poppy's Q to detonate to deal the 2nd part of the damage. As an outcome of this, it's essentially impossible to pull off the best Poppy combination in solo skirmishes.