The best assembly Azumarill for TERA RAIDS in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Amarillo, perhaps not the best Pokémon, which you can take with you to a competitive scene, but this is absolute horror in the raids of Term. You just need the right set of movements and nature, among other things. Here is the best Amarillo assembly that you can have for TERM RAIDS in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The best moves to give Amarillo fort era raids

If you are going to use Amarillo only in There Ladies, the best moves for its use are the following:

  • Belly Drum (Egg movement)
  • play rudely
  • Waterfall ™
  • Coating, such as Superpower or Double-Edge

Belly Drum is a technique that increases your attack by six steps due to half of the HP user. When Airmail uses a Stab attack, such as a rude game or waterfall, his attacks are inflicted 450% of damage per attack. The only disadvantage of this attitude is that Airmail cannot learn a recovery move, except for a dragging kiss and relaxation, which will not help him live long in Term Ladies.

However, it should be good. Even if increased characteristics are lost when Airmail loses consciousness, you can always use Belly Drum again. In any case, it will take only one additional move!

Then give Amarillo nature, which increases the attack, for example, adamant or brave. The situation is different if you plan to use it in the field or in competitions. Use proteins and HP UPS to increase its HP and EV attacks. This should allow him to hit hard and survive longer. Squirrels and HP UPS can be bought at Chanteys Supply for 20,000 pesos. With zero EV, you will need 26 units of each vitamin to maximize this indicator.


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