How To Get The Rb Battles Challenge Icon At Wacky Wizards - Roblox

Finally, the third season of Roblox Battles has begun! For those who are not familiar with Roblox Battles, this three-week event invites the best YouTubers/creators of Roblox to get together and fight for the prize of the RBB championship.

While the tournament is active, the players of the house can have fun by taking part in various mini-events and earned several exclusive badges and objects. Continue to read below to find out more about how to unlock one of these icons, the Wacky Wizards Rb Battles Challenge icon.

how to get the icon RB Battles Challenge at Wacky Wizards

To unlock the RB Battles Challenge icon at Wacky Wizards, players must join and successfully complete one stupid race. As soon as you appear at Wacky Wizards, find the portal with the inscription of the Battle RB and walk along it.


Having passed through this portal, you will be teleported to Wacky Raceway. To get the RB Battles Challenge icon, all you need to do is complete one race, overcoming obstacles and reaching the final platform before time has expired. If you have problems with the completion of the race alone, try using one of the potions that appear at the beginning-everyone has their own unique pros and cons! As soon as you get to the end of the race, you must automatically unlock the Wacky Wizards RB Battles Challenge icon. That's all! Now continue to explore the metavselnaya in search of the rest of the icons and regularly come here if you need help! Looking for more Roblox content? Check out our recent guides about how to get all free items at Shan X Klarna Wonderland-Roblox or how to get all free items in Roblox Spotify Island here in Pro Game Guides!