Fortnite Chapter 4 season 1 started

Fortnite Chapter 4 season 1 is here! Have a look at a trailer here and learn what to anticipate. In this clean slate of Fortnite, many innovations await you.

Drive with a trail thrasher motorcycle through the map, rolls through the area in a snowball or catapults you forward with the shock wave hammer. Hulk will quickly rage in the item store, and you can now even avoid challenges. The brand-new Fortnite card likewise offers you various places.


There is an impression here: Brutal bastion Anvil Square The Castle Craze Fields New weapons should not be missing either. Here you can anticipate: ex-caliber rifle, thunder-shotgun, automated specialist shotgun, red-point assault rifle, double magazine maker gun, tactical handgun and the shock wave hammer. The official Fortnite season 4 Chapter 1 Trailer can be seen here: