Diablo 4 developer: Blizzard unveils the core of the four-dimensional Eoloin Diablo 4 Live

Blizzard conducted a live stream on the 16th that delivers the new content and development of Diablo 4. In the meantime, beyond the method of informing the quarterly update status through the official website, developers introduced the content through the video and expanded the communication area.

The live stream, which was held for about an hour, was the game Diablo Franchise Community Lead Adam Fletcher.

The development team started a live stream with a special stage on the theme of Diablo 4 at the Game Award on the 9th, and a story about the release date and game release schedule.

Season 1, which will be released after the game is released, is the first season when everyone starting Diablo 4 starts at the same starting point.


However, if you enjoy the game first through early access, there may be a difference.

In response, the development team said Season 1 will start after winning the game. All players said they could start the season fairly.

In addition, the player can obtain various loot depending on the degree of playing the game through the battle pass, as predicted earlier.

The Battle Pass is sold for a $10 premium rating, which is designed to achieve a sense of accomplishment for the season. However, you can obtain an embellished item through a free rating without purchasing an additional $10 Battle Pass.

The items provided in this way are provided with things that do not affect the game. In addition, the season content itself is completely free, so you can experience and enjoy all the content without any additional purchase.

Collectors Edition, which contains various elements and goods symbolizing Diablo 4, was also released on the day. The Diablo 4 Collectors Edition, which began selling after the end of the live stream event, was limited to 50,000, pre-sale in North America, South America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and Korea also made a name for sales countries.

Live streams have been released. In the collector's edition, which is configured to check the contents by opening it on both sides, two core cheats of Diablo 4, the candles engraved on the pedestal of the release and Ignatius, the mouse pad, the sanctuary, the Horatio pin, the art book, etc. Put it. In particular, the Horatio Pin is an item that symbolizes ancient groups, and it is reported that the development team has made quite a lot of effort into the design.

The Collectors Edition, which was briefly introduced on the day, will be released later through the Diablo channel. In addition, the selling price is $96.66, and the game is not included, so it is not necessary to cancel the existing reservation purchase. In Korea, some retailers are expected to sell collectors.

Based on the release date trailer released through the Game Awards, various appreciation and key characters were introduced.

Diablo 4 focused on the sanctuary. Ignatius and Limit, who also appeared in the video, created the sanctuary and created humans. In the game, the player experiences works with various eyes around the story and explores the world.

Since then, the Codex of Power, the new content of Diablo 4, has been explained. The first book of force is a kind of magical granting ability to change some characteristics of the equipment.

As predicted, there are numerous dungeons in Diablo 4's sanctuary that players can explore and challenge. And in the process of passing through this, you can get an ash of power. The effect of the force is set for each dungeon, so the player may focus on this dungeon.

Afterwards, you will be able to give it an ability to give it to the Occultist. Occultist is an NPC that helps with legendary items, such as extracting the power of the item or transplanting the integer. Occultist can add the power of the power of power on the legendary item. At this time, the existing legendary item ability disappears.

In the video released in the Live Stream, for example, I was able to change the additional chain options of Cracking Energy as a powerful bold projector, which obtained the two-increasing options.

Exclusive Aspect of Power has the ability related to five sectors, including attack, defense, resources, support, and movement, and 115 in the video. As an ability, the defense increased for a short time when using the basic skills, and the MANA 80 strokes were shorter.

The first text of the power acquired is shared by all other characters of my player. As a result, the first text of the power acquired during the new character growth can draw an easier growth. In addition, as long as the player builds his own new build, he can use the first text of the force.

After the introduction of the first book, Q & A, which developers answer directly to the prepared questions, followed.

-What learned from the existing Diablo and the elements applied to Diablo 4?

Shellie wanted Diablo 4 to include the advantages of various Diablo franchises.

He is a dark tone and a distinctive gothic horror style of Diablo 1. In Diablo 2, the player makes an interesting decision like a point and the character's ability is determined accordingly. Diablo 3 with a variety of interactions, fluid battles, action parts of action RPG enhanced. He said he wanted to save all of this.

-What period for the Battle Pass?

Battle Pass lasts throughout the season. One season is divided into three months, so you can make a season pass for three months. PyPi Okra said the player said he would make progress in the battle pass by killing the monster and completing the quest.

In addition, he said that he did not have to play the game for three to four hours a day for three months to achieve a three-month battle pass. He added that the Battle Pass proceeds at a suitable speed and there will be enough time to make progress.

-When will Diablo 4's season 1 start?

Diablo 4's Season 1 begins in order after a certain period of time. There is also an early access period described above, and it is decided to enjoy the campaign before Season 1 starts or experience Diablo 40,000 content.

Meanwhile, Shellie said that it will be released later on the exact starting schedule and content of Season 1.

Should I buy games for each platform, such as -PC, console?

Like the conventional Diablo 2 leisure, the player needs to buy a game separately for each platform that plays the game. If your PC and PS5 users want to play games for both platforms, the PC version and the PS5 version must be purchased. However, game progress is shared. Even if you play games on multiple platforms, you don't have to buy each battle pass.

-Are a familiar item returning to Diablo 4?

The return of familiar items such as Wind Force and Hawaii talked about the return of familiar items. They are unique items that are more powerful than legendary items. Legendary items have random abilities, but unique items have their own unique abilities as their name suggests. In addition, it is very difficult to acquire, but it is also interesting and composition, such as being able to build a building.

Meanwhile, Diablo 4 crew will introduce new information and content about the game early next year.