Destiny 2: Secrets Are Far From Dead

In recent weeks, the flow of secrets on the Destiny 2 Subreddit has slowed to a trickle. Bungee has noticed this and in an interview with Polygon, said that the company is looking into ways to bring back some of the magic that was found in D1.

Lift your hand if you are not a fan of a great secret! Secrets bring a little spice into life, and especially because of our heroes when they come out to a mysterious trick. Whole neighborhoods form in order to expose secrets in video games, believe only when about the sheer endurance of the WoW fans when they find a sign of a brand-new puzzle pet or install ETA Jenifer. The Destiny 2 Trick Community (now purchase EUR 14.90) is likewise imaginative and persistent, which with every spot, however small and with each statement, swells out on the part of the bungee designers in order to uncover secrets. A particularly cool trick in the MMO shooter was the mission indication that was found because players in the strike weapon dealership noticed a door that was previously closed... and after that suddenly open. The strange and mystical curls out umpteen keepers behind the oven, even if the everyday business in Destiny 2 currently appears. With the current past messages from the developers, it presumed that those responsible had to deny bungee routinely: No, with this hotfix there was obvious, please do not waste your time.


This took place so typically that the Secret Hunter from Fate is now questioning: Are secrets dead?

no, Secrets in Fate 2 are not dead

In the current Tab of December 15, 2022, assistant Video game Director Robbie Stevens provides an answer to this question, which hence takes direct referral to a misunderstanding. As part of an AMA on Reddit, the Augusta were understood as if there disappeared secrets than the problems of encryption of material. Stevens says: Our communication was misinterpreted that we would no longer produce secret experiences that is not real. We have provided surprise and secret stories and content this year and will do so next year. After this is noticeable and the Secret Community might be leaning back, Stevens also explains that it is not truly possible for developers to produce a truly secret mission more than once a year. Below is a longer description if you want to learn more.

Secrets do not arise with a finger flaps

Stevens writes: For some in the neighborhood, secrets suggest either a secret objective or a secret. It is easy to understand that the community is based on more of this material and that any hidden thing that we do translates as a guide for something bigger You just have to understand. You just need to understand that we will never reveal a secret mission or a mystery prior to going live, which, although we intentionally conceal things that you can discover in every publication, not every trick as huge as can be an objective or a secret. When we look back on the previous year, the witch queen was a publication that contained an entire series of secrets, and the experiences in the throne world were straight influenced by material such as secret missions and dungeons. In addition, as a lot of you observed, we consistently placed hints and secrets about future content in our stories, tradition and the structure of the world.

We know that you want more. We understand that this year we have not yet released a secret objective that exerts the exact same appeal as an indication, the hour absolutely no or whispering of the worm. These missions were among the most requiring content that our teams had to establish, and therefore we only published a secret mission within twelve months. While we have actually established our strategies for Nightfall and beyond, I would like to guarantee you that we have heard the feedback from the neighborhood loudly and clearly, and to bring more secrets in Destiny 2 is an initiative where our groups have been Months worked before this discussion recently reached a climax. Some secrets will be little, some will be big, some will come next year and some will be imminent, but I guarantee you that we have a talented group of people who like this sort of content and know what it is for them Community means finding and experiencing them. You can check out the original in the Tab of December 15, 2022, on the bungee side. To house page Susanne Braun