Taiwanese monopoly's latest work that has been going on for more than 30 years! Approaching the charm of Richman 11 (Taitomo 11) [Play with Digibo! ]

Play in Diego! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the latest work of the monopoly digital board game series, which has been in Taiwan for more than 30 years, Rich man 11 (Diatoms 11) .

This work was developed by CAGE and was distributed by Soft star Entertainment on October 20, 2022, on Steam/Nintendo Switch. Like the Japanese Monetary Electric Railway (hereinafter Motets) series, it is a long-lived classic digital board game in Taiwan.

The first work, Diatomic, was released in 1989, more than 30 years ago. Set in Taipei City, we will purchase land like the board game Monopoly to increase assets. It contains many elements unique to the digital version, such as being able to trade stocks.


In 1993, Diatoms 2 was released. Card System and God Possession System like the poor god of Motets are also added. The two systems were upgraded in Diatoms 3 (1996), and the basic system of the Diatoms series was almost set up in Tom 4 (1998).

This work is the eleventh work of the Tom series, and is also supported by Japanese. It is said that a new gimmick has been added to the map based on the system that has been completed once in Tom 4. Let's play immediately what kind of game it was!

Various game modes!

In addition to local play, this work can also be played online. There are two main games, and the traditional style classic mode and thermal fighting mode , which is a friendship destruction centered on attacks between players. I have.

There is also a compact tutorial that ends in a few minutes, so if you play this for the time being, you can see the basics. The rules themselves are the same as monopoly, shake the dice and go around the board. It can be purchased if there is a vacant lot in the stopped square. If your opponent stops on the land, you can get a traffic fee. If you have played Monopoly, you will understand immediately.

If the player stops at the purchased land, you can increase the toll fee by building a building further (one land can be expanded to level 5). Also, buying and buying land on the same street can also increase the toll fee. If the traffic is expensive, it is possible to go bankrupt by stopping once.

It is a difference from Monopoly, but you can use cards with various effects like the Motets series. The image is a card that can freely determine the eyes of the dice. In addition, there are cards that expand buildings and cards that attack opponents, and if you use it well, you can aim for one-shot reversal. The timing of use is before swinging the dice (you can use it any number).

Although it is a map, there are eight types of classic mode and four types of thermal fighting mode. There are characteristics and gimmicks for each map, so you can enjoy it like a different play. This time, I selected Knight's Men . You can set the initial funds or on-off (described below).

In this work, the major difference from Monopoly is price rise . Prices rise more and more for each day, and profits and losses increase. This system makes it difficult for the game to be long, and it can be a single reversal. If you don't like the price increase system, you should increase the number of days rising days to the maximum.

Character selection. Each character has its own ability (talent), and you can turn it on and off on the above setting screen. If you want a fair battle, it's better to turn off. This time, I selected the signboard character KOI that appeared from Diatoms 2 to this work. The ability is wages and explosion damage increased by 20 % and Make gin's possession time increases by 10 days .

Let your opponent go bankrupt!

Then the game starts! Click Go at the bottom right of the screen to shake the dice. The current hand is lined up at the bottom of the screen. Each character has two types of assets, cash and bank balance , and if you pass through Bank mass, you can deposit or withdraw. Increase. Cash and sell (described later) require cash to purchase land and buildings.

I stopped in a vacant lot, so I bought the land immediately. Next is the turn of the opponent Shinintaro . Shin taro is a Japanese character that appeared from Tom 4 along with his rival Miyamoto Hobo . By the way, even if you play in Chinese voice, Shinintaro and others speak in Japanese voices.

When you stop at News squares, various events occur. Also, if you stop at the square of God that appears on the board, you can possess God and get a special effect. The image below is one of the gods, Angel , and during possession, stopped the stopped cell property for free. There are also Tiepin , which sucks your opponent's money, and Poor God , which gives your opponent money (God is a total of 10 types in total).

In the magic shop squares, you can choose one what will happen. Some are advantageous, and some are disadvantaged. It is random to decide which players, such as female characters or people in the cells in the property, are adapted to.

stock trading system made meaningful for digital board games. If it's your own turn, you can trade before shaking the dice. As mentioned above, we purchase using the bank balance. It is an iron plate strategy to buy it at the start of the game and sell it out at the highest time. Because you can buy multiple brands, it is possible to operate firmly with distributed investment.

Large lands are built with special effects, such as hotels, real estate, and laboratories. When I stepped into the hotel's squares built by my opponent, a roulette that determines the number of stay has begun. As a result, staying for 5 days, the accommodation fee is 96,000 yen! It is a bankruptcy in one shot and is defeated.

The game will continue until you become one of the last person. The image is a lottery of lottery. If you get the number you purchased, you can get the prize money. If no one hits, the prize will be carried over next time. In the second half, you will get a large amount of money in one-shot reversal (I just look at it because I went bankrupt)

Battle violently in thermal fighting mode!

Next, play heat fighting mode ! Most of the squares on the map can get attack cards, such as Missile Card, Mine Card, and Timed Bomb Card . Get a pounding card and attack your opponent to go bankrupt. By the way, the card effect is slightly different between thermal fighting mode and classic mode.

There are only large vacant lots on the heat fight mode map, and the number is small, so if you get it, it will be a big advantage. However, you have been ahead of your opponent's Mai Mikey .

While two opponents shot a missile card on the square that had stopped, the adjacent squares seemed to be in the explosion, and I was damaged (asset decline). It is dangerous if you do not think about the range.

The opponent also uses an attack card, so the amount of mine cards installed on the map will increase steadily. Because it is exploded with a missile card, there are also uses such as using it for attacking opponents, or blasting it in advance so that you do not step on land mines.

Win all other people except yourself! If you play with your friends, such as crushing a specific opponent with a gunfire, it was likely that lumps would remain in human relationships.

In Challenge Game , all players can cooperate and fight the lord with powerful abilities. This time, select Octopus King . You have the ability to use the missile card that damages the property and sends the player as a hospital. It is also not the target of confiscation card that deprives the opponent's card.

This time, select Machinery Labyrinth for the map. It is a map with many gimmicks, such as switching your course. My friends also have Shin taro mentioned earlier. The land and buildings you have purchased will be a common property, so let's work with your friends to buy more and more.

Depending on the stopped square, you may play an action-like mini-game. The image is a bomb demolition mini-game, and you can get it if it is an item by pressing the switch. If it is a bomb, it will explode and end. Get as many items as possible.

Out pass King stopped on the expansion land, causing major damage of 97,200 yen. The remaining assets of the opponent are about 60,000 yen. If you can fold it all at once, please play with your own hands.

The latest work that became easier to play

This is the eleventh work of the Tom series. If the series continues, it will change more and more, and it will become more complicated like refusal to beginners, but this work is easy to stick to even for the first play. There are more reversal elements than monopoly, so you can enjoy it without giving up until the end.

There are many elements that make use of the characteristics of digital board games, such as mini-games, lots, and stock trading, and the content is highly entertained. Japanese support is also provided, so if you like monopoly or want a game where you can play with friends, try this work.

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