Pokémon Violet and Gasslate a historic record launch, sales that make you dizzy

If Sony Interactive Home entertainment made a lot of noise a couple of hours ago with the very first sales figures of God of War Ragnarök, which has actually sold 5.1 million copies in the space of just 5 days, there are Another game that likewise accomplishes a historical launch. Clearly, these spontaneous purchases were undoubtedly taken short by the awful state of the 2 video games, accusing an amount of astonishing bugs and a frame rate in the cabbage. We also understand that numerous gamers have grumbled on social networks and that many people have actually already taken steps with Nintendo to ask for the repayment of the video game.


Confronted with such a success develops the concern of the methods released by The Pokémon Business and Nintendo in a franchise like that of Pokémon, which regrettably does not enjoy the best technical performance. With the controversy surrounding Pokémon Violet/ Pokémon Care, perhaps an awareness will be done with the 2 publishers.