Bavaria stay Wolfsburg and Frankfurt on the heels

Munich coach Alexander Strauss made 3 modifications to his beginning eleven after the furious 7-0 over the MSV Duisburg in the DFB Cup and brought Tiara, Lehmann and Schiller for Steinway, Laurent and Allman. On the other hand, SGS coach Markus Honer did not make any changes in the cup over Welder Bremen.


The Bavarians made it concentrated right from the start and were game-determining. Essen was defensively steady, but barely came out of his own half and so it took practically half an hour for the Munich ladies to have an unsafe action in the penalty location.

Magill Completes the first chance Bull's hit does not count

In general, there was insufficient from the Munich females in the 2nd round, however the committed outsider brought the triumph over the time, because quickly before completion the substituted kept completed a counterattack and positioned 2-0 (90th).

It then led straight to the goal after Schiller Magill had actually served the edge of package and inserted the latter ice-cold at the bottom right (28th). A little later the leather remained in the objective again, however Bull's objective did not count due to an expected offside position (34. ). It went into the break with a should have 1-0.

On the coming match day, Bavaria will be a guest at TSG Cofferdam (Friday, 7 p.m.), while SGS Essen invites SV Welder Bremen on December 4 from 4 p.m.

It took a quarter of an hour before Essen's Kowalski heralded the second round with her free kick from around 17 meters and missed out on the Bayern box by an excellent one meter (62nd). After another safe free kick of the Essen ladies, it was Lehmann who checked Winkler with a rich low shot (74. ).