Travelers who illegally climb the outer wall of the Harajin pyramid are witnessed. Waiting, mouse return and giant reverse triangle

On September 28, HOOVERS has launched the update Very.3.1 King of Red Sands and Three Pilgrims in Hardin . In the update, many contents, such as new genie missions and playable new characters, appeared. A new adventure awaits travelers in the desert spread southwest of the Spices. While many such travelers touched new content, some travelers seemed to challenge the pyramid's illegal climbing. Several people, such as the game live and commentary video contributor, have successfully climbed the pyramid from the outstanding wall route.

Hardin is an open world action RPG that is being developed from the HOOVERS brand. The stage of this work is a world East, where seven countries and elements exist. The protagonist is a traveler who visited the East continent from a chance. Players become travelers and adventure the world. The current version depicts the fourth regional smart stage. In terms of system, each playable character has an element that can be handled, and a unique element skill/element explosion. In this work, you can climb walls and cliffs by consuming stamina. In addition to the elemental skills that can be used to move some characters, there are also open world action play, such as aiming for mountains and buildings.

Update Very.3.1 The King of Kahuna and the Three Pilgrims has been added to the Demon mission set in the desert, and new characters such as Sent and Candice are playable. The desert area, located southwest of the Smile, was also open. In the desert, the desert people who serve the old king Scarlet King live, sometimes a sandstorm blows. In the center of the desert, a giant pyramid-shaped archeological site, the mausoleum of Kingdesletto, is enshrined. The mausoleum is broadly divided into three layers, and two more buildings float inside on the pyramids of the mountains that grew from the ground. In the world of Hardin, a huge building full of romance unique to fantasy has appeared.


Travelers usually visit the Kindest mausoleum via a mission. However, if you see the mountains, you will want to climb. It seems that some travelers have tried to climb the pyramid's outer wall directly, as humanity has been aiming for a deeper, higher, and deeper place since its history. How did you climb a huge archeological site? From here, let's introduce the outline of the outer wall and how to climb. As a way to reach the top of the pyramid, there are regular routes in the game, and there are also bugs.

Challenge to King Desert's Sacred Peak

The capture of the pyramid-type giant archeological site King Descale Mausoleum is divided into three stages, as in its structure itself. The first stage is a pyramid-style building on the ground. The strategy of the pyramid part is simply climbing. Although the appearance is strict, most of them can walk with two feet and climb only with normal action. At this stage, HOOVERS is clearly assumed that travelers will climb the pyramid, and you will be able to enjoy the sight from high places in sightseeing. The difficulty of the outer wall capture increases from the next stage.

Next, it is a capture of the intermediate part of the archeological site floating on a pyramid-style building. In the second stage, the altitude is first. The middle part of the archeological site is literally floating, and it has not continued to the ground from the pyramid on the ground. It requires an altitude to reach, but the jumping and glide of the normal action alone are insufficient. Therefore, we use the elemental skills such as Went and Kandahar Many, and elemental skills such as Went and Kandahar Many. Ride on the installation of the installation, and from there, you can forcibly earn altitude by jumping further with elemental skills.

After jumping high, search for a point where you can grab well while gliding. In Hardin, there are cliffs that can be climbed up to cliffs and walls, but can not climb anywhere, but are not grabbed. Since the points that can be climbed even in the middle part of the archeological site are limited, you will fly to the place where you can grab it after earning altitude. In addition, among the characters with elemental skills related to climbing, except for the main character of Minamoto, all can be obtained in geisha. After the second stage, patience and possession characters are asked. In the case of the author, since it was clogged in the second stage, the subsequent description referring to the video of Mr. Macro Head.

In the video, Tuna Head used the aerial jumps using the elemental skills of Kandahar Many to capture the second stage. From the middle part of the archeological site, it jumps to the reverse pyramid-shaped building floating further up, and proceeds to the third step. The inverted pyramid-type building is huge, and the route to head to the top is not clear. On the other hand, there are places where you can walk, so it seems that he climbed up to the top while using pocket warp points instead of save.

But finally, the difficulties were waiting. Just before the summit, there was a step that spread outwards like a mouse return. In Hardin, it cannot stick to the basic ceiling. It is a glide or jump to move to the outside, but even if you use the aerial jump using the elemental skill of Kandahar Many, there is no altitude and distance to cross the mouse. At first glance, it seems impossible, but here he decides to secure some bridgeheads near the ceiling using the elementary skills of the main character of the main character of Minamoto. After repeating trial and error, he succeeded in the pyramid illegal climbing after six hours of challenge. Please see the video at the top of what was waiting for and after the challenge.

Mysterious trust in Hoovers

We talked to Macro Head in writing an article. In the first place, as a motivation to challenge the pyramid's illegal climbing, he likes to climb high buildings. It is said that the play that climbs somewhere is unique to the open world, and there is also a desire to enjoy Hardin. The most difficult point is the inverted triangle of the second half of the pyramid. In the video, most of them were cut, but all of them were tough, so the places to climb were limited, so it was really hard to go on a groping. Tuna Head challenged on September 28, the day of the update. Naturally, there is no explanation on the pyramid outer wall on the Internet, so he seems to be mentally responding that he had to search for all routes on his own.

Macro Head says that although he was happy to finish his climb, he was happy, but relief accounted for about 60 %. During the challenge, he said he had begun to climb, but he didn't know if he could really climb to the top, and he was willing to waste time. However, Tuna Head said that he had designed to be able to climb up to the top with HOOVERS, and he was able to climb to the end thanks to the mysterious trust. The tricks to climb the pyramid include the possession of characters that can forcibly climb the cliffs such as the protagonist of Minamoto/Went/Went/Kandahar. According to him, if the character is not available, this illegal climbing may not be possible. By the way, he pointed out that the one-convex effect of the Jin, which is not usually needed, was useful in climbing. Kingdesleto mausoleum illegal climbing, which seems to require extraordinary patience. Travelers aiming for heights may try them if they have a character.

Hardin is being distributed for PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5/PC/iOS/Android. In the Southwest Desert, the mausoleum of Kingdesureto may be waiting for further illegal climbers.