How to unlock Gold Masterly weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Activision finally launched the long-awaited Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer mode on October 28. As in the previous Iterations of MW2, players can unlock a large amount of Mastery weapons camouflages, including the Gold camouflage edition. Although Modern Warfare 2's camouflages are part of integral rewards, that does not mean you can unlock them immediately. That said, here is an essential guide to unlock the Gold Masterly weapons camouflage in Modern Warfare 2 .

How to get golden mastery cams at Cod Modern Warfare 2

Image Source: Activision

As with the previous generation of Modern Warfare 2, players can unlock the Gold Masterly Weapon Camo by completing a certain set of Camo base challenges.

Each weapon has up to four Camo base challenges, some of which will remain unlocked until the weapon is updated at a certain level. Once all the Camo base challenges of a particular weapon are completed, the missions required to unlock the Gold camouflage will be available.

Each weapon in Modern Warfare II has the same Gold Camo Challenge. For example, get a certain amount of deaths (two or three, usually) with the weapon without dying a certain number of times. In doing so, the golden camouflage is unlocked only for that weapon. Therefore, players must complete these challenges with all weapons.

You can find the complete list of challenges for all mastery weapons camouflages and its level of completest camouflages in the gunsmith customization menu. Once you successfully unlock any camouflage in Modern Warfare 2, it can eventually be equipped from the upper left corner of the Completions Camo tab.

There you have it. That is all you need to know about ** Unlocking the Gold Masterly weapons camouflage in Modern Warfare 2. Are they fallen? How to verify the status of the server and all the weapons level limits of Modern Warfare 2. And as always, feel free to read the relevant links below.

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