Free Fire: A triple booyah for All Glory inside the FF League during day 6

The last week of clashes within the Free Fire League begins to define which teams you will see the first positions within the classification in the face of the Playoffs phase, the squads have given a very intense performance throughout the days so much that the week so much that the week so that the week Past things mobilized quite within the competition, but only two days separate survivors from the next stage.

Starting on a map of Bermuda We see the teams with more aggressiveness to be able to take the early advantage in the match, but Miners would be the one that achieved the first point in the afternoon. Passing to the Kalahari the power of the sword of Osaka would have the mastery of the game to handle the rivals and send them to the world of dreams to get a triumph that helps them a lot.

Then in purgatory the situation began to be changing because Six Karma would put the fastest bullets on the island to be able to overthrow the rivals, leaving the favorable things for them that gives them victory. In Alps the teams showed great progress on stage to bring out their best moves where All Glory would have the strength to conquer the victory.

Returning to Bermuda The shots were more aggressive on all sides of the island making several of the teams fall and leaving Janus Esports triumphant that adds some points. Traveling to Kalahari T We endured a situation similar to the previous stage where the Janus team would end up ending making the rivals fall to obtain the double Booth.

Continuing in Purgatory Things got intense due to the speed of the teams that needed to get fast casualties where we would have a All glory that achieves one more victory. Ending in Alps The squads began to tremble due to the domain that he handled All glory inside the island to punish the opposites and take the afternoon triplet that helped them a lot.


The penultimate day of the FF League gave great meetings where the surprises were present with the triple victory of All Glory, but this was not enough to sneak into the best, with only one more day of competition they begin To define the equipment that will already happen to the playoffs, we will see how things will look tomorrow to have the survivor of the final phase ready.