The charm of the CITY BLOCK BUILDER CITY BLOCK BUILDER in the 1950s American stage is conveyed, but the release of content shortage is undeniable as an early access [Explosive Play Report]

City Nowadays, the latest games are released in large quantities every day. There are many GAMESpark readers who are lamenting, saying, I don't know what kind of game it is! Therefore, it is this project Explosive Play Report * to deliver the content of the game as soon as possible.

This time, I would like to deliver raw contents about CITY BLOCK BUILDER released from Tentworks Interactive on August 17, 2022 with early access to PC (Steam).

What is City Block Builder?

A town planning and management simulation game set in Los Angeles, USA in the 1950s. Players become business owners and run various stores in a gorgeous era that tells the beginning of American Dream.

With the early Steam access during the release, you can enjoy restaurant management in sandbox mode. You can freely determine many factors, such as the size of the store, the arrangement of furniture, the employment of human resources, and the selection of the menu for restaurants.

In the product version, you will be able to run multiple stores, including movie theaters, bowling alley, shops, news stands, drive-in, and jazz clubs. In addition, the story mode for a veteran to become a business king and various scenario mode will be added.

When it starts, the game starts in front of a vast vacant lot. Let's start running a restaurant.

Approach the actual content of City Block Builder!

Before starting a restaurant management, first unlock The People Must Eat from the technical tree in the game. This technology releases a tree related to restaurant management, and the tree seems to be divided into three systems: management, cooking menus and technology (facilities).

By the way, in the early access version, you can get $ 20,000 rewards as a mission reward by unlocking the first tree. Because it is a sandbox mode, it may be given a lot of management funds to trial, but it is a great amount that can be built with a very plenty of room.

After that, we will create a restaurant, kitchen, toilet, and lobby for restaurants according to the mission that will be a substitute for tutorials. This work is a method of building a zone with each role from the construction screen and built on a room basis. By creating a room and connecting by the door, it is finally established as a one building.

In addition, it is necessary to install the required facilities and services to establish each room. For example, in the cafeteria, you need a table, chair, kitchen donor, restaurant menu and waiter.

I don't think you'll get lost here because you will be warned by the icon. In addition, on the furniture placement screen of the construction menu, what can be used for each room is categorized. Because you can set your favorite, it is likely to be effective when the number of stores that can be managed in the future increases.

Now, once you set the room, let's set the service aspect next time.

Creating a store that considers your customers!

On the management screen of the restaurant, you can change basic settings such as type of dishes to be provided (main sub) and business hours (business results and staff management will be implemented). At first, you can only place 6 types of American menus, so use your favorite dishes.

We have managed members such as the waiter, chef, manager, maintenance, etc., and the store is finally ready. It's finally a restaurant open! It seems that people walking on the road are entering the store one after another, and it seems that they are going smoothly... Maybe there was no other restaurant in this city?

Fortunately, many sofas have been prepared (?), And customers who are clogged in the lobby are not particularly angry. Some customers are completely ignoring the line and are sitting in the seat, but let's do it because there are no fights. Maybe it's a reservation person.

If you do a mission that satisfies 10 customers, you can get research points with rewards. By unlocking the decoration technology, you will be able to place flower pots and drunk ranges. It is the most fun part of these management games that the service is gradually enriching.

By the way, if I had been playing the game for a while, I was able to get a research point that I could not use up suddenly. However, I was so happy that I unlocked the Asian cuisine division, but the cooking recipe disappeared and started over.

I can expect it in the future, but now I can't deny the lack of content

As I introduced at the beginning, this work is still released in the Steam early access version. On top of that, the version is 0.01 , and the development of the game is still as good as it starts. Most of the games and option settings are not implemented now, so you can play them, but you have little freedom in management.

In addition to the menu disappeared introduced earlier, I also encountered various problems. The upper limit of the number of people will not return even if the clerk once hired (the store will not be able to run) The menu window will not disappear, If you start over, the mission will be from the beginning, The button to return to the main menu is meaningful. I will report the phenomena such as no.

The most interesting mysterious phenomenon is chef goes out of the store every time a one-dish menu **. Apparently, a mysterious obstacle judgment was born in the restaurant, and the shortest way for the chef was to take a walk. The review of the store's equipment has successfully solved the wandering chef problem, but it might have been good because it was interesting. The store was very crowded while waiting for cooking.

Of course, the basics of the fun as a management simulation of making and making money by creating and making your own shops are minimal. Although there are still many unstable parts, as far as the texts that can be confirmed, the degree of freedom in management seems to spread in future updates.

This work is inspired by the United States of the 1950s. You can choose the BGM in the game on three stations on the radio, but all are all good. I would like to look forward to creating a better atmosphere in a movie theater that will be implemented in the next update.

City Block Builder which has been introduced so far. There are elements to enjoy as a management simulation, such as a relatively flexible architecture, orthodox management elements, and a research tree that can manage your favorite direction. However, because it is early access, there are too few content to enjoy a full-fledged game.

I played this work about eight times, including a bug. I think that it is fun to be sophisticated every time I play a store, and I think that I have gradually understand the traffic lines of customers (on the other hand (although there were some unknown behavior...).) I personally don't hate the feel of the game, but it's still hard to recommend.

It may be difficult to continue to be evaluated in the future without the content of the content, packed with the definite elements of a genre that is definitely interesting. We plan to add many industries and characters (at the moment there is no face), MOD support, etc. for the product version, so I would like to continue checking if there is regular update. I want to go aggressive feedback.

CITY BLOCK BUILDER is being distributed early access to PC (Steam).

Title: City Block Builder

Compatible models: PC (Steam)

Play model in the article: PC (Steam)

Release date: August 17, 2022

Author play time at the time of writing: 3 hours

Price: 2,050 yen