Lego Super Mario: Bowser's rely on arrive in Lego in a pack at EUR 270!

Four months after the announcement of the Princess Peach pack (the launch is set for August 1, 2022), the LEGO Super Mario range continues to obtain abundant by disclosing the arrival of another flagship character in the Mario certificate, specifically Bowser., if it will certainly be needed to wait till October 1 to uncover it in the Danish block variation, Lego and Nintendo have currently started communication around it.. We additionally learn that for The Mighty Bowser, new Lego items have actually been designed to recreate the suggestions of its covering. The king of the Koopas will certainly show up accompanied by a fireball launcher as well as a button to manage the activities of his head and also his neck, his mouth, his arms, legs and also tail. In overall, it is almost 3,000 pieces that comprise Bowser, that makes him an XXL and also most huge personality in the Super Mario Lego collection. To be able to take benefit of him, we will certainly have to attract from the cost savings, considering that the start-up pack is announced at EUR 269.99, a substantial sum. Begin, let's console ourselves with this presentation video clip as well as these couple of pictures.