Activision Blizzard: Investors buy by Microsoft too

Shareholders have shareholders on Thursday, 28. April 2022 , approved by Microsoft's purchase of Activision Blizzard. In one vote, 98% of those present spoke out for the deal. Thus, the purchase was confirmed by this page, which was announced in January 2022. The sum of this mega deal is $ 68.7 billion **. The "golden parachute" for people like Bobby Kotick, the company's current CEO, is therefore probably certain. However, despite this announcement, there is still skepticism as to whether this deal is actually in dry cloths.

skepticism from politics

The deal must continue to be approved by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. It was only at the beginning of April that we reported that four members of the US Democrats report to the FTC with the wish to have this acquisition checked. These concerns expressed concerns about the allegations of sexism towards Activision Blizzard.

So you fear the possibility of continuing the company under the current CEO Bobby Kotick, which is said to have knowingly ignored abuse in his company for years. Accordingly, the situation in the company could even worsen.

Apart from the letter from the four democrats, including Bernie Sanders, the question in the case of this acquisition is whether it is monopolization in the market. The current chairman of the FTC, Lina Khan, has already clearly known to tackle deals in the tech sector much more strictly than under certain circumstances in the past.

In view of this aspect, announcements are of course very interesting. The topic of monopoly in connection with this purchase was also discussed on our side. A completion of the deal is currently expected in June 2023.

In addition, there is currently that the stock value of the company Activision Blizzard is at an absolute low. Even before the purchase report, the company had to deal with falling figures due to numerous scandals in terms of abuse and sexism.

skepticism on the stock exchange

Buffett says he's been buying Activision shares since Microsoft deal, now owns 9.5% of company

The price per share at Activision Blizzard is currently on the US exchange (NASDAQ) at 75.60 US dollars . Obviously, due to reports regarding John Biden's antitrust law, there are doubts as to whether the deal actually comes about or to what extent it could shift. In addition, the deal would not only have to be approved by US authorities, but also by China or the EU, for example.

The history of Microsoft is far from the first monopoly discussion. At the end of the 90s, the company got into a deliberate situation when they were sold their own "Internet Explorer" with Windows systems. At that time a controversial topic, after all, this was classified as a competitive advantage over the then popular Netscape browser. Microsoft got away with the horror in 2001.

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