Play for free: these games now free of charge on Steam

This weekend you can try two games again for free . Of course, these are limited in time, but maybe they leave you such a positive impression that you are ready to take your wallet in your hand. After all, there are offers for the temporary free games in parallel to these actions so that you can continue to enjoy them even after the weekend.

TOP 15 *NEW* GAMES you can play Right Now absolutely FREE!???? (Steam Games) March 2022

party cracker or case Guys-Klone?

On Steam we get to the 2. May 2022 The games Verdun and Survivial Quiz City provided free of charge. Survival Quiz City is a multiplayer party game from Bandai Namco, which was only launched in early March 2022. The game is titled as a "survival quiz battle royale" and is strongly reminiscent of a combination of Fall Guys , and a quiz show á la Jörg Pilawa. There are quiz deposits between the Guys known from Guys and items that can be purchased with coins. The ratings for the game have so far been average on Steam and the number of players is currently relatively low.

While Guys had around 6,500 users on average in the past month, this value for Survival Quiz City is at Magenen 16. But maybe the free weekend can be the title, which costs 13.43 euros ** in the offer, help out a little.

1. World War II in multiplayer

Verdun is a multiplayer shooter that uses the First World War as a scenario according to the name. The game advertises with a very high authenticity in terms of weapons, uniforms and locations. The studio behind the title, Blackhill Games, is already working on her next world war shooter called Isonzo. You can currently buy Verdun as an offer on Steam for 3.50 euros.

This offer goes hand in hand with the "Free Weekend" and ends on May 2nd. The game tends to receive average ratings and accordingly is currently currently with a metoscore of 70 points. To what extent you currently want to deal with this type of scenario, everyone has to decide for themselves. In any case, Verdun has given the free weekend an increase in the Player base by over 600%.

While you can only try games on Steam for free, the Epic Games Store continues to offer free games that you can keep permanently. We also talked about the new titles in the store range this week. Accordingly, you also have a lot to do with a narrow wallet this weekend.

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