A livestream to unveil the next extension of World of Warcraft

We remember that last month, Blizzard indicated an ad schedule: the announcement of the new extension of Hearthstone in March (Argan of the quoted englutie, which has just been deployed ), then the announcement of the next extension of World of Warcraft This April 19, and finally the official announcement of the " Warcraft Mobile " next May to unveil this next title based on the license * Warcraft * and which will be distributed on mobile platforms.

Dragonflight NEXT WoW Expansion Cinematic LEAKED?! - Elune & Dragon Isles

Blizzard is a little more precise today: the next extension of his MMORPG will be unveiled on April 19 from 18h (Paris time), as part of a Livestream, broadcast on YouTube and Twitch. In other words, the developer will not be satisfied with a statement, but will propose a complete presentation - one can probably expect a kinematics and a gameplay extract, in addition to a presentation by the main craftsmen of the update. Little or prro what could have been discovered in a Blizzcon if Blizzard had maintained the last edition of his Community convention.

The curious will retain the date and we will discover whether the rumors were based - for the memory, leaks (which will be confirmed or not) suggest that the extension could be entitled Dragonflight and articulate around one or more drastic flights. Azeroth Universe.