How to hire Cordelia Glenbrook in Triangle Strategy

Cordelia Glenbrook is the younger sister of Roland and the only princess Glenbruk. You meet her at the very beginning of the game, but you can recruit it only closer towards the end. She is a pure healer.

To recruit Cordelia, decided to stay in Glenbrok To explore the royalists in chapter 15. Cordelia will be selected from the laspier and join you in conquering patriciates. Cordelia will stay with you to the end.

If you decide to return to Wolfut Desmen, you will get Milo. If you decide to go with Frederick in the village of Rosellan, you hire or Trish, or Travis, depending on your choice in chapter 11.

As already mentioned, Cordelia is a healer. Most of her skills (except one) are therapeutic. It heals strongly and wide, but they cost a lot of TP. To compensate for it, it has a passive skill, which allows it to generate one TP at the end of the course, if it does not move from its cell.

Cordelia is one of the few units that ignore the gaming mechanics of condemnation when recruiting. Usually, the levels of morality, utility or freedom of SERINES should be at a certain level to attract new faces.

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