The 5 best MMORPGs on PS4, PS5 and Xbox that you can play 2022

MMORPGs were initially especially PC games, but have long since arrived at the consoles. Many titles can also be played on the PS4, PS5, the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X / S. Which are the best MMORPGs for the consoles, we reveal you in this list.

What is based on this list? In this list, we imagine 5 MMORPGs you can play on the Sony's consoles and Microsoft. The games were chosen by the MMORPG expert Alexander Latch, who has played every game himself. The order corresponds to a ranking, with the best game on the last page.

At the end of the list, you will also find other titles, which we did not take into the top 5, which you could still theoretically play on the consoles.

If, on the other hand, if you are on the PC, you will find a selection of the best games here: The currently best MMORPGs 2022 — which suits me?

DC Universe online

SETTING : Superheroes | Developer : Daybreak Games | Platform : PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch | Release date : January 11, 2011 | Model : Free2play


Action-rich combat system An interesting story A Cool Character Editor Many content that has come to the game since Release A unique setting with the superheroes


Obsolete graphics

Low difficulty level Some superpowers are only available in the shop

What is this for a game? In DC Universe Online she slips into the role of a superhero or super scores. At the side of known characters like Batman, Superman, Joker or Harley Quinn you can then draw in the fight and do busy quests and missions.

The game relies on a story around the superheroes and well-known places like Gotham City There are action-packed fighting with powerful skills The Max Level with 30 is reached quite fast, but there is still much to do to improve its own equipment and become so stronger In the endgame there are dungeons, raids, missions for solo players or small groups For PVP fans, there are optional PVP in the open world where heroes can fight against rogues, or arena-PVP. There is also a special mode in which it slips into the role of iconic heroes and can use their skills There are regular updates in the form of new story content and adjustments to existing content

In July 2021, DC Universe was also revised so that Free2Play players can experience more. For example, the new chapters and daily login rewards were taken out of the optional subscription and made accessible to all players. In addition, the maximum money and the Housing system were expanded. This makes the superhero MMORPG again more interesting for newcomers.

Criticism is available for the obsolete graphics, the rather low level of difficulty to start and in the open game world as well as the shop, over which special super forces can be purchased, which you can not get.

Best Console MMORPGS to Play Right Now in 2021! At the end of 2020, the developer of DC Universe online surprisingly announced the player's figures. At that time, about 420,000 different players per month were online and there were 40,000 subscribers.

How good does DC Universe play on console? DC Universe makes a good impression on the consoles. The control is intuitive and makes a lot of fun with the controller. Graphically, the version of the PS4 and the Xbox One in the PC is in nothing, which was still different in the previous generation of the PS3.

Something weird is the Crossly distribution:

Players on the PC and the PlayStation use the same servers and can play together. The Xbox version only appeared in 2016 and is currently running on its own servers. The version of the Nintendo Switch, which was published only in 2019, runs on fully separate servers.

What has been done lately? In addition to the great revision for Free2Play players, a total of three new episodes have been published in 2021, the innovations such as new areas, new missions, new RAIDS and New Gear brought into play.

There are also regular events that bring bonus rewards or include special missions.

For whom is DC Universe interesting? For fans of the superhero universe, DC Universe can be one of the most interesting MMORPGs. After all, the players can meet their heroes, which were also fully equipped with voice acting.

In the game, an interesting mix of EVE and PVP content awaits you, so fundamentally every game type should come to its costs.

However, the graphics and the combat system are simply, simply obsolete.