The third wave DLC three houses is available now

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The third wave of Fire Emblem: Three houses 'DLC is finally available. The latest downloadable content is provided with a free update that includes new features for all players.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass DLC Review Three houses came out last summer and was hailed by criticism. Many rented the game for his characters, his school setting and his general aesthetics. This is currently the best-selling title in the world. Member of the franchise.

Even if the game has come out since July, it always has downloadable support and patches. The last set of payment downloadable content, called DLC Wave 3, is now available for players.

This new downloadable content includes a new sauna area available to players, as well as the opportunity to interact with the many cats and dogs in the region. New outfits for most playable students are also available. There is also a new servant battalion and apologies that players can recruit.

The DLC also includes the possibility of recruiting Anna. Anna is a recurring character in the emerging series; It comes from a long line of Anna that comes from the first fire of the game. All the Anna are alike and are almost always traders.

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The wave 3 is part of the paid extension pack with the other two waves. Players can not buy waves separately; The only way to get DLC waves consists in buying the extension pack, which is normally $24.99 on the Nintendo Shop.

A free update has also been published with downloadable paying content. The new update is called Very. 1.1.0, and adds several new features. The update includes new appearance options. This new option allows players to select the outfits of the monastery for characters playable in combat. The number of backup files has also increased from five to twenty-five.

The character Maritza can also join your group now as part of the free update, but only in Black Eagle: Crimson Flower Road.

To see everything worm. 1.1.0 and wave 3 brought to fire emblem: three houses Check out the support of Nintendo website. A fourth DLC wave should go out on April 30, 2020.