Portable consoles gain whole with a new chip that aims to boost the game in the cloud

The Steam Deck is a computer game console and a touchpad generated by Shutoff Corporation. His release was scheduled for December 2021 however she was held off for February 2022.

Many we had convinced us that the portable consoles were a thing of the past. This type of machines had their boom for many years, and the popularity of recent desktop consoles, as well as PC domain and mobile devices (with large companies by putting their heads), left a complicated scenario.

However, the thing changed, in large part thanks to Nintendo Switch, with an unbeatable hybrid proposal that has triggered the existence of Steam Deck. But it has also been like that thanks to the cloud game, which allows you to run games on devices that, without streaming, could not move them. And QUALCOMM wants the industry to follow that way.

It is aimed at devices that want to execute games in the cloud The company has launched its new Snapdragon G3x, a product that is closely related to all this. It is a chip designed specifically to use it in future portable consoles, but with a difference: try to offer guarantees for devices that want to execute games in the cloud.

These devices can be both mobile and consoles. In fact, the firm has allied with Racer to create a Handheld Developer Kit, a portable console that serves as a reference for manufacturers who want to bet on the streaming of video games and titles published on Android.

They have presented a portable console so that the use of developers has a 5g modem with MM Wave support, ability to use OLED screens at 120 Hz with HDR, Wi-Fi 6e and Bluetooth 5.2, in addition to capacity If you can use a webcam with 1080p resolution to make video games while we are at the controls.

It has the Snapdragon Sound integration, the brand audio technology, but also with an advanced haptic system that has the goal of catching us with a high sensation of immersion. Finally, it has a battery of 6000 mAh and a USB-C port to connect monitors or add-ons.

They are the developers the first fortunate to be able to try this new Snapdragon G3x, so we will have to wait to glimpse the use that make it the first devices that have technology. Meanwhile, the nearest hardware is Steam Deck, which has been delayed at 2022 due to the widespread absence of supplies.

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