Now astro cites mini in: Arzade

This article notes one of the most offered computer game all the platforms, along with video games marketed even more than a million duplicates on the various existing platforms.

After Castro City Mini SEGA announces now at Castro City Mini V. Unlike its predecessor from 2020, the new Castro City Mini V Arcade machine will have a vertical screen.

Accordingly, the games are played in portrait format or the so-called MADE mode.

A total of 22 games are available, all of which are different from the games of its predecessor and include not only in-house titles from SEGA.

The controller and arcade stick the predecessor to be compatible with the new Castro City Mini V.

The Castro City Mini V released in Japan for the equivalent of about 152 euros and can so far only be ordered through the SEGA Toys website.

Whether the console will also be available in this country, is not known.

Look at the list of games as well as the trailer for the announcement.

List of 22 games

Action Fighter (1986) Armed Police Bat rider (1998) Batsman (1993) Battle Afraid Unlimited Version (1999) Cosmos Police Galván (1985) Desert Breaker (1992) Doyen! (1992) Gun bird (1994) Kingdom Grand Prix (1994) Moon Crest (1980) Out Zone (1990) Maiden (1990) Samurai Aces (1993) Shark! Shark! Shark! (1989) Sonic Wings (1992) Strikers 1945 (1995) Catsuit (1988) Terra Crest (1985) Trenton II (1992)

NEW SEGA Astro City Mini V Just Announced! 22 Vertical Arcade Games! VS (1993) Wrestle War (1989) Saxon (1982)