Mail Mole returns home for Christmas with his new update

Mail Mole, Tampa Games debut, will be updated this December 23 to premiere The Lost Presents, a free DLC that expands the game with new Christmas setting objectives.

On this occasion, Molly has to help the Santa Claus himself recover the 64 gifts he has lost by Carrot land. For this, he touches revisit some already known levels in search of packages; The winter setting helps to brighten the return.

It is the third large update of the game, which came out in March and since then has been adding a good handful of content at no additional cost, from new levels to a mode Boss Rush.

The first game of the young Barcelona studio Tampa Games, Mail Mole came out in March of this year, and it was, within his humility, a pleasant surprise for those who enjoy 3D platforms, with a clear debtor of Superman school and some idea very ingenious in control or levels; It is a promising debut for a newly left team and that it proves to have studied the agenda well, as we commented in our analysis:

GTA 5 Online Festive Surprise 2021 DLC Update - FREE Christmas Presents, New Years Day Gifts & MORE!

Molly, like a good mole, moves below the ground, and only leaves when you need to jump to reach an elevated ground, to reach platforms or to dodge the dangers that populate the levels, designed with mime and having very present many of the Best practices of its kind. Are very focused levels on one or two ideas, which develop and make more complex in a few minutes and that they are fitting with each other throughout each world, and who coexist with a series of hidden collectibles that end up rounding out the experience of Explore each map, not only running it but examining it and knowing it thoroughly.

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