Line Games, Unidensembari's first published premiere

Line Games announced on the 9th, its new Action RPG Author's online showcase 'first public premiere' held.

In this showcase, it is planned to explain the improvements and changes based on the introduction of the core content of the Unilever and the user feedback from the last test.

Finally News From LINE Games On Undecember!! Not Alot But I Will Take It!! Thoughts!?

The Union is characterized by a differentiated build and an action game that is a differentiated build and a fostering process, and it is possible to slowly construct a class and build, and skill through play. Supports PC and mobile platforms, and plans to store in future steam.

The first public premiere is scheduled to be disclosed through 1:00 pm, Games Official YouTube Channel and Line Games Never TV, which can be confirmed through the Unsex Formula Floor.