Halo Reddit closed for the week

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343 Responds And The Community Backlash Causes Halo Reddit To SHUT DOWN!

People who feel passionate about what they love are something that everyone knows. There are people who love sport, people who love the cross stitch. And there are people who love video games, like Held. And sometimes, despite and because of their love, people can go too far.

This happened with the HEL Main Reddit, R / Halo, this weekend. There was a pleasant surprise from Harm Infinity multiplayer possible to play and download on November 15, 2021. People started playing. And, as for any game, people wondered if Halo Infinite was good or bad, and... Well, things quickly degraded from there. People who loved the game were trying to defend it, the people who hated the game launched insults to others and developers behind infant, and even if it was not great, it could be managed.

The problem occurred when both parties started to threaten and attack those with whom they did not agree or did not like. (For those who do not know it, the DOX attack is the attempt to find and collect private information, then publicly show them). Apparently, it was already serious enough for the mods of the R / Halo Reddit block the entire sublet until Monday, December 6, 2021.

R / Halo Mod, 343 Guilty Spark wrote about it in an article on Reddit. On all sides, it lasted long enough and became uncontrollable. The amount of toxicity on the submarine on both sides made it impossible for people to have civilian discussions, which the MOD team strives to do independently of opinion. Some submarine users have even been responsible for doxxing and death threats. We temporarily put the submarine with lock so that people can, hopefully, settle a little, and we can press the reset button before launch. In the end, it's a video game and when the level of vitriol is unjustified.

We do not know yet if the lock will continue after the weekend if people do not cool down. But maybe people will remember taking a great breath and will remember one thing: if you can not say anything nice, say nothing at all.

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