Great Houses of Calderia: Strategy game with family dynamics announced

What happens if you connect so-called Grand Strategy à la Crusader Kings or Europe Universalism with familyzwist and regent claims in the style of Game of Thrones? This question would like to answer the freshly founded French-Swedish Publisher Fire squid with the Great Houses of Caldera developed by Resistance Games (Company of Crime).

One takes over one of the numerous nobility families in the fictitious land Caldera, with the aim of installing his house over generations as a ruler over the country. The family should play a major role — and not only in the context of a strategic wedding. You can also send the relatives and relatives into the extensive Caldera with diplomatic or military tasks. However, you should always be careful. Depending on the character and individual agenda, it can happen that they act stubborn, which influences diplomatic relationships with the other families in different ways.

These are the main features announced by Fire squid:

The tactical real-time resource management system gives players to strategic control over fighting and social conflicts.

Players decide on trade agreements and send their own delegations to competing houses.

For generations, players define the traditions of their family and are so unique advantages, but also weaknesses.

Family members can be appointed important tasks in their own delegations to trade, spy, negotiate and lead armies. Due to marriages, their own succession is secured.

Main characters have their own personality, which is shaped by certain events in the game. In addition, she influences her readiness and ability to properly serve its ruler.

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Hundreds of unique events require important decisions to manage a variety of situations — from diplomacy to war to posting family members are a variety of options to choose from.

Players can hire key characters with the monitoring of the production of a lean good to specialize the economy and gain a competitive advantage.

The fantastic land of Caldera mountains many legends and myths that applies to exploring it.

Through Mod Support From Release, players can create their own unique stories and share with others.

Great Houses of Calabria should appear 2022 for the PC in the Early Access. How long this phase should last is not yet known.