Gearbox buys Perfect World and is only one more of the latest acquisitions of embarracer

Embrace Group has announced today the purchase of perfect world, which will operate as an independent entity within Gearbox soon. This acquisition is one more than several operations confirmed today by the Holding of Swedish Video Games owner of companies such as The Nordic, Koch Media and Know Interactive.

Perfect World Acquired by Gearbox!?

According to a statement, Embrace Group has reached an agreement to take control of 100% of the actions of Perfect World in exchange for 125 million dollars (110.6 million euros), incorporating in this way At its structure to a prominent developer and video game editor for PC and consoles with a total of 237 employees under his charge, including Cryptic Studios (Star Trek Online, Never winter, etc.).

In summer the cancellation of Magic was announced: Legends de Cryptic Studios The transaction will be closed in February, and comes after the Magic cancellation arrives at summer: Legends, which, according to this statement, provoked losses between its authors. However, the other video games of Cryptic Studios remain profitable despite serving several years in the market, while Perfect World as an editor's company has several launches in portfolio : one by 2022 and five in 2024.

RANDY PITCHFORK, from Gearbox, is honored to welcome Perfect World and its promising project list, backed and reinforced now under the tutelage of it. For his part, Soon I'm, Executive Director of WE, says he is pleased by this new stage and hopes that Gearbox's experience and talent will help them in his mission.

More Shopping Embrace Group

The conglomerate has officially officialized. For example, you have acquired within 100% of the actions of Shiver Entertainment Inc., a small team founded by two large veterans of industry, John Scrappers and Jason Andersen, with development experience, adaptations and Support tasks Also with the aim of strengthening Knowing Interactive, the intention to take control of Digit Holdings has been announced, an entertainment team that employs 400 people and has a solid history in commercial and kinematic advances for game titles best-selling, as well as animations for media transmission.

Finally, Koch Media is made with the reins of Spot film Network, a network of video channels on demand with reference advertising of the sector in Germany. A few days ago, we remember, it was also news, the interest of entering group by opening the board games industry with the purchase of the Satan editors.