Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker: Release Age known, server work announced

The last add-on for Final Fantasy 14 with the name Shadow Bringers appeared in 2019 and brought two million new players to play the MMORPG. Now the next extension end walker is in the starting blocks. The pre-orders now indicate a full fatal success.

When does Final Fantasy start 14: End walker?

After a shift, the new extension for Final Fantasy 14 (Buy now €25.98) appears in a few days. Pre-ordered can already be on 3 . December at 10am German time start playing, while everyone else is still up to the 7 . December have to be patient.

The Official FF14 Forum Lodestone has now announced that the servers will be offline 24 hours before starting server work.

When are the servers of Final Fantasy 14 offline?

From 2 . December at 10 o'clock to 3 . December at 10 o'clock German time, will all worlds not available. 30 minutes before the game worlds go offline, the World Transfer is also set.

Because the expected server corrupt will increase due to the implementation of Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.0 and the final Bobby early start, the World Transfer is expected to be opened on at 9 o'clock from December 4th.

FF14: Dog Store and Dog Station Offline

Furthermore, according to an official blog post, various functions of the Online Dog Store or the DOG Station Services between the 2 . December at 21 o'clock and the 3 . December at 11am German time at different times not be available.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: ENDWALKER Launch Trailer What is Final Fantasy 14: End walker?

Final Fantasy 14 End walker will bring many innovations into the game, we have summarized selected changes here:

New jobs: Weiser and Schnitzel New playable people: Vera (male) Increased maximum level from 80 to 90 New Dungeons New sprawling areas such as maze, Thornier, Garland and Mare Lamentorum New equipment and recipes New residential area: Asgard A new high-level RAID: Pandæmonium

New Cities: Alt-Sharlayan and Radz-At-Han New data center: Oceania

Further innovations can be found on the homepage of the developers. If you have more desire for encoders, we can warm to you our special heritage to Final Fantasy 1 4 including posters and codes.

04:37 Final Fantasy 14: goose bumps! Launch trailer for end walker is online

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