`Epic Seven`, OST project with musicians' first song 'I`ll Be your Energy'

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The solo singer 'Won, who was active as an Aiken member, Recording Making Maker and Interview With Interview Image

The Epic Seven> I'll Be Your Energy The 'OST Project' lasting 'OST Project' lasting 'OST Project'

The Global Mobile RPG has served as the Smile Gate Mega Port and the Super Creative's global mobile RPG is the first song of 'OST project' ENERGY ' said that it was released through the official YouTube today (28th).

'I'll Be Your Energy' is a solo singer 'Won, Mi-Bi, who has been loved by Won member, and the Jury of Rocket Punch, and the main vocal is characterized by a fast and lightweight melody. The overall concept of songs is 'energy' inspired by the first initials 'E' in .

[Epic Seven] OST

The lyrics of the main vocal and the clear and soft tone of the main vocal, and the lyrics meet the lyrics. Smile Gate Mega Port is a policy to disclose an English lyrics version and English guidance for global users as well as Korean version.

On this day, not only the song-to-singing video, but also the recording and interviewed video and interviewed video of Jury, and the recording of Jury, was also attracted to attention. In this image, you can check the recording of the recording of the two-singer's charm, and you can also listen to the and the OST project.

The Smile Gate Mega Port is expected to disclose additional 'I'll be your Energy' cover songs that participated by the Voice. In the cover song, Lee Yuan, who played the hero 'Made Clew', and Lee Yuan, who played Muse Lima, participates. In the Episode 3 story of , two heroes have formed a two-artificial band called 'Made Kingdom'.

Smile Gate Mega Port plans to start OST of different themes through collaboration with various musicians as the first song 'I'll Be Your Energy' of the OST project. Each OST is expected to be applied to several contents in to provide a different game play experience for users.

has previously collaborated with OST 'Desperate' and Popular Influx Ran through collaboration with the popular singer 'Guinea', As soon as the convergence of music, has provided an opportunity to expand significantly.

Smile Gate Mega Port Jung Jae-won said, I have a heart that I want to convey bright energy to all those who have been having a hard time due to Corona, he said.

He said, I think the game and music are a key factor that adds to the game that can not be taken off. Fans will continue to have a variety of attempts to enjoy the and make it more fun and remembered for a long time. I would like to thank the new songs of the OST project in the future.

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