Dinosaur Cooperation FPS SECOND EXTINCTION EPIC Games Started Free Distribution Store. However, it can not be accessed from Japan

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A free distribution of Second Extinction SECOND EXTINCTION was started on December 22 at the EPIC GAMES store. The free distribution period is Japan time until 1:00 on December 23, 2021. If you add it to the library during the period, it will continue to be played even after the end of the distribution period. However, the EPIC GAMES store version Second EXTINCTION has restricted access to store pages from Japan and is in a state that can not be received.

SECOND EXTINCTION is a CO-OP dinosaur FPS that shot a dinosaur with up to three people. On the stage of this work, the earth was dominated by the mutated dinosaurs, and humanity was forced to live at the space station. Humanity is an organization that takes away a mutant dinosaur and an tradition tenth. The player will challenge the battle with dinosaurs to regain the earth as a member of the eradicate.

The eradication team aims to recapture the earth through the mission in dangerous areas. The player selects the character used from six heroes that have different weapons and possessability abilities, respectively. Select the weapon to bring together, etc., board to the drop-ship and leave it to the mission. After the mission starts to achieve the goal, it will be possible to achieve the goal, but in the surface, dinosaurs who became the ruler of the earth are still inhabiting. It aims to carry out the task while fighting the mutated dinosaurs, such as Ankylosaurs with repower tyrannosaurus and hard crust, and raptors who emit to electricity.

As a mission, a target of a target of collecting targets and searching for a missing unit, destruction of a dinosaur nest. In addition, the map is divided into several areas, and the amazing level is set for each region. Depending on the area, the degree of difficulty and rewards of missions change. In regional related, a system that changes the map's amazing level by the player's behavior is also mounted.

This work is a work under development of Sweden's Studio Systemic Reaction. In Steam, early access delivery starts in October 2020. In the user review, out of 3700, 74% well-received and status slightly friendly. As long as you see reviews, it seems that the evaluation is falling because of the small number of bugs and the smallness of the multi-reply population.

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SECOND EXTINCTION is not possible to access from Japan, but in the EPIC Games store down until 1:00 on December 23. In the Epic Games store, one game is distributed free of charge daily from December 17, and new free distribution work will appear from 1:00 on December 23.


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