Cities – Skylines: Airports

Cities: Skylines is a 2015 city-building game developed by Colossal Order and also released by Paradox Interactive. The game is a single-player flexible city-building simulation. Players take part in city planning by managing zoning, roadway placement, taxes, public solutions, as well as mass transit of a location. Players work to keep various aspects of the city, including its budget, health and wellness, work, and also air pollution levels. Gamers are also able to keep a city in a sandbox setting, which supplies much more imaginative freedom for the player. Cities: Skylines is a development of development from Colossal Order's previous Cities moving titles, which focused on creating effective transportation systems. While the designers felt they had the technological expertise to expand to a complete city simulation game, their publisher Paradox held back on the idea, being afraid the market prominence of SimCity. After the important failure of the 2013 SimCity game, nevertheless, Paradox green lit the title. The programmer's goal was to develop a game engine qualified of replicating the everyday regimens of nearly a million one-of-a-kind citizens, while providing this to the player in an easy method, allowing the player to easily comprehend different problems in their city's style. This consists of sensible website traffic congestion, and also the effects of congestion on city solutions and also districts. Considering that the game's release, numerous expansions and other DLC have actually been launched for the game. The game additionally has built-in support for user-generated material. The game was very first released for the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems in March 2015, with ports to the Xbox One and also PlayStation 4 game consoles being launched in 2017 and also for the Nintendo Switch in September 2018 created by Tantalus Media. The game got favorable evaluations from doubters, and also was an industrial success, with greater than 6 million copies sold on all platforms since March 2019.

In Cities: Skylines you can design your airport from January for pieces yourself.

We are honest with you: We were the firm conviction that Cities: Skylines no major extensions that affect the gameplay or expand it, would receive more, and developer Colossal Order works instead of a successor. Well, and now the Finns together with their paradox interactive announced the airport add-on. That's already on the market on January 25th and returns exactly what the name promises.

OK, airports are of course an old hat for Cities: Skylines player. It has been around since the release of the main game over six years ago, every big city needs its own. But so far, airports in the starting game are nothing more than normal buildings, so will not be treated differently than, for example, police resources or schools.

Airport changes this. The extension allows you to design airports yourself. So you build individual terminals and gates, creates the airfields and connects the port with your remaining public transport network. There is also the subdivision into personal and freight transport. The add-on does not have new goods in the luggage.

Although the publication is only six weeks away, Paradox has not yet mentioned a price. The previous LCS for Cities: Skylines, which expand the urban building simulation to expand new game mechanics, costs either 12.99 euros or 14.99 euros. It is therefore to be assumed that airports will be in this price segment.

By the way, the new add-on is not the only thing that was recently announced around Cities: Skylines. No, a successor did not confirm the makers yet, but with Cities: VR is a Virtual Reality offshoot for Oculus Quest.

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