A PERK in COD Vanguard is so broken that opponents meet you worse

Call of Duty: Vanguard fighting with a nasty bug that disables the Aim Assist for controllers — but for enemies. Mango shows you the background and what the developers say.

The current Cod Call of Duty: Vanguard, also has many weeks after the release of a few bad mistakes. Some are so mean that they intervene directly in gameplay and affect the balance.

Now showing: a special perk you can the Aim-Assist disable the enemy in part. Controller players will meet you become more difficult.

In Cold Blood disturbs the Aim Assist for controllers

To what perk is it? It is about the perk In Cold Blood. Actually, the ability is responsible for ensuring that you do not point out and the perk Alarmed your enemies are thermal visors no message when you look at them from behind or from the side.

The latest function but unintentionally and may have already caused some strange moments for controller players.

Because a controller aims player with Aim Assist at an enemy with In Cold Blood can disable the Assist short.

Modern Warfare is broken, Vanguard ruined Call of Duty How bad is the The Aim-Assist in modern Cod games consists of two components?:

Target slowdown Input sensitivity briefly reduced Target Rotation Crosshairs of a second moving for a split behind the enemy behind when the player with Aim-Assist moves

In a firefight, the target deceleration is strong because controller players can coordinate their reflexes with the assist. It creates a kind of trigger window — as soon as you're subconsciously slowing noticed one begins to fire at the enemy.

That takes a lot of training and many players will be unaware of how much their own Aiming in Cod is influenced by the target deceleration.

If the middle of the battle of the Aim Assist from, which is a very unusual feeling. It sneaks some uncertainty because you are used to playing with the assist. For controllers player that can be very uncomfortable, because Call of Duty suddenly feels different — for no apparent reason.

Did you so unusual in recent days Aiming problems, there may be the answer here?

If you leave the way? The developer of Sledgehammer Games have been the mistake on their fix-list (via Trello.com). An appointment for the repair does not yet exist, but it should be fixed already with the next update.

players are stressed by many errors

What the players say? On Reddit, there is a thread about the problem and the comments with the most up votes rail against the state of the game.

When it comes to the problem with the Aim-Assist, the mood is somewhat more conciliatory — even though the Aim Assist is otherwise often controversial:

Some mouse Keyboard but poker players can not resist a little tip: As M & K player I see the posts, and it makes me happy — Hell yes, Mufasa says Manaus. Beachampion110 is on the part of the consoles and have been wondering what is going on with his Aiming: I have played a few matches today and something just felt wrong — I thought I would be so bad, lol. Am glad that others have the problem, and not only I am.

Much PC gamers ask in the thread and about the general functioning of the Aim Assist on the console. Will you also know more to then look over here: How do you use the Aim Assist in Cod Modern Warfare optimally