Warzone Secrets of the Pacific

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In construction of the brand new Call of Duty War zone map Caldera, an information event has failed to bring the players in Mood: Secrets of the Pacific. It is the penultimate event that we will see before we say goodbye to Verdant.

In this event you must Verdant six individual objects from the period of World War II browse, play in the caldera. If you find any object, you get a reward, and if you find all six, you get a delicious blueprint that is suitable for any STG44 Vanguard class. While the in-game menu gives you some hints and clues as to where you can find the individual information, it can be somewhat difficult to find the individual objects. To increase the difficulty, you also need at least survive a round of gas or win the game to lock your object and master the challenge. So go with your best War zone equipment armed.

This treasure hunt takes you through all Verdant. Of remarkable sights on small buildings where you would normally pass directly through to the newly opened mines of War zone.

Call of Duty Warzone: Secrets Of The Pacific Event Explained! If you sweeten this STG44 blueprint in the fingers get and want to complete this event, we are there to show you all War zone Secrets of the Pacific locations.

War zone Secrets of the Pacific Locations

Under the prison In the hospital In electronics shop Promenade West Under the old mine In the airport terminal In one of the bunkers of World War II

This handy map of killer Stodge 'shows you the locations for each Secret of the Pacific object. Note is that the object you are looking for the challenge, entitled Secrets in one of three bunkers of WW2 War zone is might. This appears to be random for each game, so you need to check possibly several bunkers, in order to find what you are looking for.

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This handy video from, Geeky Pastimes' below also shows you how to find any object fastest and exactly which objects you are looking for. They range from old cash via tiny warship models to a table tennis racket.

It is worth mentioning that the object in Old Mine — a box of dynamite — both shown in Geeky Pastimes video railway cars as was also found under a table nearby.

To complete War zone Secrets of the Pacific

The hunt for all six War zone Secrets of the Pacific locations is just the beginning of this challenge, because once you have found an object, you must survive a certain time or win the game, in which you are located to include it.

For this reason, the challenges of War zone Secrets of the Pacific can only be completed in standard Battle Royale Playlists. Once you locate an object and interact with it, a message appears on the screen. It states that you survive a certain number of gas circuits (one to four) or be the last to win the game.

Unlike previous events, it is not an option to simply fall on the object to check off a challenge. This requires survival skills and the ability to track any object.

Note that this event may be completed in Call of Duty Vanguard with other demands — and they are much easier and faster to complete than the War zone set. However, if you do not own Vanguard, you must endeavor-Pacific locations to find all War zone Secrets of the and survive.