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The Metabus hot air that utilizes virtual space in the video conferencing solution industry is blowing. Major players at home and abroad are scheduled to launch metabus form services to replace existing or existing video conferencing.

To this end, it is observed that the same as the met averse maker, or build a platform for the met averse service only.

According to the 15th, video conferencing solutions have announced that they plan to launch metaverse-based meeting services before and after next year.

The Global s first-ranked vendor, is a plan to support the Metropolitan Horizon Workroom in the Metropolitan (Horizon Workroom, which declared that it will transform into a met averse specialist. Horizon Workroom is a meta s virtual reality (VR) headset Oculus Quest 2 based service. Avatars and users who resemble the user s actual appearance and the PC screen and keyboards are implemented in the virtual conference room.

Microsoft (MS), which provides collaboration tools, including video conferencing, Microsoft (MS) launches the Meta Bus Collaboration Tool Teams Mesh to the first half of next year. Lessen for Teams is a virtual avatar that reflects the actual mouth shape, expression, and hand gesture when participating in the video conference. Global Company Accenture Staff said thousands of people have used Messi for Teams.

Cisco solutions provide the Cisco Web X Hologram based on Cisco Web X Hologram (AR) based on last month. In the network environment, such as LTE, the screen delay does not appear when wearing the headset, and focused on realistic, such as depicting the screen that is reflected in the object as the actual person s eyes. Cisco plans to increase services while providing a solution to some customers, while providing solutions to some customers.

Domestic video congregation industry is also increasing met averse mortality. The Also Ports, which provides video conferencing solutions remote meetings, said that he has established a strategic investment in the virtual space specialist, a specialized in the Olympian Planet, and provides a professional development organization to establish a met averse business. It is aimed at presenting a virtual office solution based on remote meting next year.

Office Software (SW) Professional Enterprises Hangul and Computer Message Services Hansom Town will be released during next month. You can access the service on your browser to go to the virtual office to go to the virtual office, and you can do the nearby avatars and voice conversations or video conferencing. I want to live a feature that is equal to the office SW, which is the basic means of work, I want to interlock the features of document editing, collaboration, and sharing. B2B, explained that the B2C market will be explained.

The video conferencing solutions were analyzed that the industry to actively use the meta bus to pay attention to the expense of using the actual face of the remote work.

22 октября 2020 г. Industry officials said, There were a lot of users responses that felt the face of the face while using the video conferencing solution during the last two years, he said, he said, There was a stress of exposing the face in a private space, not the office, We have been analyzing that there was a demand that it would like to perform as a situation like a situation without a view of non-imperial collaboration without image sharing.


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