Struggle games have been at the trash for 20 years

Child, I knew what I wanted to be: a wrestler. Practicing daily on plush bear and younger cousins, I bombed them, Choke slam and DDT on the web (actually a mattress), in order to perfect my skills for my desired job. However, standing at 1.50 meters without anything with a size of size close to that of Yokosuka, I knew it was not my job. For this reason, I aspired a virtual interpretation of the sport that I loved.

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game Longplay (Arcade) [4K] The fight games exploded in the 1990s and suddenly, a multitude of theme titles hit the salon consoles market. My first incursion into the genre was WWF WrestleMania on the Commodore 64. With horrible loading times, I sat on television while I interpreted the Hogan signature and the Ultimate Warrior splash.

Changing Developer, Sculpture Software has taken over the square circle and has refined the established format by adding a succulent animation and varied types of correspondence. Although I spent years perfecting my skills on WWF Royal Rumble, I've never had the impression of being the superhuman that passed through the ropes. The characters felt like clones from each other and the attack priority resulted in the one who could crush the button as quickly as possible.

After the bonkers, WWF The Arcade Game, which was inspired by Mortal Kombat of all games, the future of the genre started to appear dark. Amateurs started wondering, in a sport that is both scripture entertainment and competitive athletics, is the nature of the professional fight too difficult to reproduce in the virtual format?

Giving a big boot to these concerns, AKA came out of the gorilla position and headed for the ring. Presentation of a revolutionary grappling system that gave the fans the choice to select the movement they wanted to perform, allowed players to build and essentially to screen their match. Increasingly, the company has developed and refined the foundations that have been established in WC VS TWO: World Tour and has created one of the best fights to date: WC / TWO Revenge.

Meanwhile, WWF games languished with mediocre versions such as WWF attitude, which led more fans to head towards the top brand. But then Vince McMahon intervened. In a Montreal movement Screwjob-esque, he rushed and took THE, which means that the next AKA match would be under the banner of the WWF. Similar to the securities out lip previously, the following games have perfected the basic principles established, their last game, WWF No Mercy, being considered to be the ultimate.

Duke took the Roman reign with the Smackdown series that finally led to 2K outings, and they had some success earlier with games like WWE Smackdown: Here comes the bread, but they never reached the high bar fixed by Aka and that's why.

The current format of the fight games is incorrect. I know it's sports entertainment, but do not lose sight of the term sport. Modern iterations are too focused on reproducing the television experience and have lost sight of the fundamental principles that make it a sport game. Being able to time inversions and blockages were key features of the AKA series and although the same principle can be achieved in modern titles, the method of their application is what drops the game. Inversions and blockages are Promoted with button prompts and time counters, while before, it belonged to the player to learn when doing it. The movements are almost like cinematic and do not have the impact that games like WrestleMania 2000 embodied. The characters now feel floating, and their cumbersome animations make the sport looks like a joke!

After 18 years at WWE, Duke left. WWE 2K20, developed by Visual Concepts was a broken mess, and Saber Interactive 2K battlefields were a complete miss. Fans have been waiting for 20 years to experience a struggle game that faithfully reproduces sports as WWF no Mercy did, but all we received, are lazy updates and unfinished nonsense..

AEW, the last company to compete with the WWE, has entered the ring. With a clear gap on the market, Omega and Co. Announced an AEW game in the hope of bringing the genre back to his old glory. With the players at the controls, this promises to be done by fans for fans. As Vince did it at the WC, Tony Khan intervened and took Duke's, who will develop AEW's first incursion into the environment. But what really excited fans is that Ideas Washing, the director of No Mercy, will help the development of the game. Will it be the title to break the 20-year-old curse, or will it be just another disappointment ? Tell us about your reflections in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.