Steam: Autumn Sale and Steam Awards started! Nominations & Discounts

Well, you've already digested the Halloween Sale on Steam from four weeks ago? For now already the next discount battle is in store! The autumn campaign was launched on Valve's gaming platform and promises to 01 December at 19:00 many bargains. Below we have listed to you some current Steam bargains that we can recommend to you (because very good games).

WARNING : Partly prices fall while a whole corner cheaper than it did at the last sale.

The Elder Scrolls Online (70 percent discount): 5.99 EUR New World (25 percent discount): 29,99 EUR Latham (20 percent): 13,43 EUR No Man's Sky (50 percent discount): 27,49 EUR Borderlands 3 (75 percent discount): 14,99 EUR Pathfinder: Kingmaker — Enhanced Plus Edition (55 percent discount): 8.99 EUR Death Stranding (70 percent discount): 17,99 EUR Kingdom Come: Deliverance (66 percent discount): 10,19 EUR The Darkest Dungeon (85 percent discount): 3.44 EUR Disco Elysium — The Final Cut (50 percent discount): 19,99 EUR Divinity: Original Sin 2 (60 percent discount): 17,99 EUR The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (80 percent discount): 5.99 EUR Outer Wilds (40 percent discount): 12,59 EUR Hades (30 percent discount): 14,69 EUR Cyberpunk 2077 (50 percent discount): 29,99 EUR Shift Happens (90 percent discount): 1.49 EUR Hollow Knight (50 percent discount): 7.49 EUR Grim Dawn (75 percent discount): 6.24 EUR Black Desert (90 percent discount): 0.99 EUR Detroit: Become human (50 percent discount): 19,95 EUR Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (63 percent discount): 17,99 EUR The Outer Worlds (67 percent discount): 14,79 EUR

Steam Autumn Sale 2021 - THE ULTIMATE list of the Best Deals! 30 Discounted Games! The Forest (60 percent discount): 6.71 EUR

You have discovered more bargains that you would recommend? Betray us in the comments! Appointed your favorites for the ten categories of Steam Awards! Source: Valve

Steam Awards 2021 — Nominations

In the course of the autumn campaign, have the opportunity to your favorites to determine their on Valve's distribution platform for the ten categories. The actual voting will take place during the winter sales. The winners will be announced on 03 January at 19:00. Here are the categories for which you can suggest their games:

Game of the Year: Maybe it was the immersive gameplay or the thrilling story that well-designed characters, a flawless design or an addictive multiplayer mode. Anyway, the winner of this year's prize for the best game of the year has now established itself as a classic. VR game of the year s: The Board Game of the Year disguises itself not just as a normal reality. This game improves reality, uses the medium VR and exceeds the limits of virtual experiences. work of love e: This game is already quite a while in the market. The development team has long since lifted the veil of his creative vocabulary, but as good parents they hone still in its creation. This game will support up today and get after all these years still new content. better with friends n: There are games that offer a better experience when they are not playing alone. Maybe you need a friend who keeps free your back. Perhaps you have a friend you want to push a dagger in the back. Anyway, if you play these games with friends, joy is inevitable. Outstanding visual style : The visual style does not try the graphical resolution of reality capture (although that is certainly a noble endeavor) but has a unique appearance and special atmosphere that run through the entire game. Most Innovative Gameplay: The designers of this game are the vanguard of creative experiments. They show new perspectives and brain verknotende surprises. This game brings joy, inspiration and surprise with an unparalleled gaming experience. The best game in which they are poorly : This game rewards persistence and is not for the faint of heart. It is the hardest game we have ever loved. Best Soundtrack: This unsung hero deserves to be recognized for his outstanding musical performance. standout game with profound Story : Some days it does just play with profound story and this game is pure story. So moving like a soap opera, so finely tuned as a prestige TV movie — Hats off! We feel comfortable with! Sit back and relax : This game is the best medicine for busy days. The mind relaxes, melt the worry — the perfect Zen experience.

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