Nexon s new Dunpa Mobile November 25 pre-registration

[Data provided: Nixon]

November 25 Starting a pre-reservation!

Neoprene Know-how Action hand tastes action with a manual battle

On November 1, Nixon announced the news of the domestic services of (Dun pa Mobile), and started a pre-registration countdown through the official website. Domestic pre-registration begins on November 25.

is a mobile game based on a Stadia game, a Stadia game, which is more than $700 million in members and Cumulative sales of $15 billion, We plan to show a true play fun. The target release date is 1Q09.

Passive combat, customized manipulation, I got a pleasure !

puts fast and exciting original actionability to the mobile platform. Battle of each dungeon and attacks the monster and the battle (PVP), also based on a manual battle.

In order to maximize the fun of manual combat, we also have a ball. It is equipped with a new method using mobile dedicated touch operations, and provides a variety of options that choose the skill manipulation in accordance with each user style so that you can feel quality activity in your mobile environment. Customizing is also possible as user taste.

Recently, as many mobile games show Play based on automatic combat, Dun pa Mobile is a plan to provide a pleasure of pleasure to save the entertainment of the entertainment action on the 2D dot graphics.

Wondering emotional reproduction! Dun pa Mobile only new story and original character appeared

was built on a more neat 2D dot graphics, and based on the basic world view of the original, the distinguished story is deployed.

The past Even Guard, Lorain, Screaming, and the BIMARU Empire Literature, and the Dun pa users are stimulating Dun pa users perfumes, am. Especially, it is a plan to capture a wide use of a wide user enjoying an action RPG through the newly presented content and the system in accordance with the mobile platform.

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Action Game Name Neon Action Studio New, Development Low

In , which is the entire general, the director of Soon, CWA Mobile, has been in charge of more than 250 developers, and has been working on a number of R & D, and has taken a variety of FIT (focus group test) in Korea and China.

On the other hand, the development of the action that can be felt on the mobile platform is the total amount of fun to deliver the fun, and the successful launch of the successful launch last year, and to the Seoul office in EU, It is tilted to the gun.

The Neo pup Yeo-jin Director Enjoying the game, has been sold in the Dun pa Mobile in the direction to focus on the game itself, I asked for a lot of expectations in the action of the Dun pa that can be experienced on mobile at the same time.