Look at the real SQUID GAME from MRBEAST

Squid Game (Korean Original Title: 오징어 게임 Singer Game, German, Ink fish game ') is a South Oriental dramatic applied by the production company Siren Photo for Netflix. The collection was published on 17 September 2021 around the world on Netflix. Vier weeks after magazine, the series of around 142 million Netflix accounts had been gotten. This was the most successful Netflix collection begin to date. The previous record owner was the initial season of Bridger on with 82 million conjures up after 4 weeks.

Squid Game Without CGI! The Netflix series Squid Game achieved worldwide celebrity in no time. The success is so great that even a video game implementation is in conversation.

The YouTuber Breast has set itself the task of reacting the Squid Game as accurately as possible in real life. Luckily, the American is then the one or the other compromise. We have integrated the video here. Attention: If you have not seen the series yet, the trailed Squid Game is definitely considered spoiler.

What got the winner of the SQUID GAME?

The candidates do not occur in a game against life and death, but play a cash prize of juicy 456,000 US dollars. Just as in the Netflix template, 456 players start against each other.

However, the participants are of course not shot. Instead, they are all equipped with a device that simulates a painless shot into the stomach.

Which games take place in the Squid Game?

In the 25-minute video by Breast, the participants fight in the consequences of disciplines around the mega profit:

Red light, green light Sugar Tug Mural game (with preselected teams to increase the tension) Brimstone Stool dance / SQUID GAME

For this fun, the YouTuber, inclusive prize money, whole 3.5 million US dollars should have spent. The US YouTuber is not unknown if it comes to organizing shows with astronomical winning. So there were formats with titles in the past as the last who leaves the island is allowed to keep $800,000, $60,000 extreme-hiding or the last one falls, gives $1,000,000.

Who is breast?

Jimmy Donaldson is a 23-year-old American who has published since 2012 under the pseudonym Breast videos. It has become known after a video had gone viral in which he counts from 0 to 100,000.

He is also traded as YouTube's largest philanthropy. He did not just give a homeless man $10,000, but also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to support the Black Lives Matter movement and the fight against the Coronavirus.

With a estimated assets of 18 million US dollars Donaldson is one of the richest video axes on the platform. BREAST has given away a million dollars in the last two years in the last two years. But where does the whole money come from?

Why is Mr beast so rich?

Unlike you could first suspect, Jimmy Donaldson was neither born into a rich family, nor did he win in gambling. He has his success only to owe the social media platform YouTube.

According to its own statements, he finances the majority of his videos through sponsorship of big companies. The money, which he gives away next to the homelessness also to small streamers, will be provided by his advertising partners.

In addition to the Werbedenals, Orbit's Channel counts with over 75 million subscribers to the largest on the platform. With its numerous commercials and his image as a philanthropy, BREAST is also very attractive for YouTube's AdSense program. So he deserves through the advertisement that YouTube switches to his videos. Also, again a lot of money

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