LOL - Superliga: FC Barcelona will bring Deadly back to the national league according to rumors

Less than 12 hours from officially starting the signing market, rumors grow on national and global teams. This time we will talk about the superior ; Specifically, of FC Barcelona. And it is that after his arrival at the national league, great names of the scene have been added as LeBron de Cream Real Bets or Twohoyrz of CAM, but this time the leader of This team next to a security partner: Matthew Deadly Smith and Luca Lucky Santos Fontina will be the duo that leads bot lane Flagrant in 2022 according to the last rumors.

Alejandro Anonymous Gomes has been the person who has given the exclusive through Up comer, the BIPLANE would complete a roster club Barcelona full of foreigners, although with old friends of the Superior. Thus, Deadly would return to Spain after two years at BT Excel where he has harvested very good numbers, although it seems that he missed the Barcelona sun. He is a pretty loved player by the Spanish community, being a mark of Vodafone Giants in the victorious team of 2019 with Antonio and Razor as inseparable companions. This time he will not be mate of the to planer but will have to be seen on the rival team if the rumors end up being true.

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On the other hand we would have Lucky, a veteran Portuguese player who has gone through numerous teams, being Tricked Esports the last team for which he has spent ending this year s NFC champion against Fanatic Rising. He also qualified for the Eu Masters, but the passage of him by the tournament was brief and perishable. Apache will join these to lead an FC Barcelona that has a superior full of players of very high level and that they could give surprise in their first year as a professional League of Legends team.