Lineage in New South Korea from NCSoft started for mid-world

Yes, this gentleman from the picture above is Kit Hington - known more as Jon Snow from Tron. NCSoft used him in the advertisement and airline to promote Lineage W.

This morning there was a global premiere of Lineage in - the latest ncsoft superproduction (Lineage 2, Aion or Blade & Soul).

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Global, but really half-global. Access to Lineage in currently have players from Asia and the Middle East (Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong).

Europe, Russia, South America and North America will enter the Lineage W (in from worldwide) in the second phase, which is probably in a few weeks.

(there are certain guides on how to effectively circumvent the restrictions, but this will not occupy today).

NCSoft Reveals New MMORPG Lineage W! Coming In 2021 To ALL Platforms! What!? Game Breakdown! PART 1! Lineage W is available on PC and mobile devices.

In comparison to previous games from the Lineage family, Lineage in isometric and a very dark atmosphere. In addition, NCSoft promises a typical content for South Korea: open world, dungeons, rallies, world bosses and various PvP modes including masses (inter-servic, interregional) battles for hundreds of people.

There are four classes of characters, and every one is divided into at least a few specializations:

Elf Monarch Knight Magician

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