Jason Momoa of the positive to Covid

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Jason Momoa, Actor who plays Aquaman at DCEU, revealed yesterday that it came out positive at Covid-19. The news was shared through its social networks, But quiet, which is apparently in good health conditions and will be a matter of time to return to work on Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom.

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In the publication of MOMOA the following is read:

There are many people I met in England, so... I received many greetings, but who knows? Anyway, I m fine. Thank you all for your concerns and love.

Jason Momoa has tested positive for COVID. “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Momoa mentioned that he is already camping in his house, and in another video we can see it next to his friend Erik Ellington, professional skater.

Editor s Note: MOMOA does not know where it could have been infected, but considering that the actor recently participated in Dune, it is evident that he will be visiting many places as part of the press tour and because he could really have become infected in any of these countries that he visited.